Restore the Delta has existed as a campaign since 2006. From 2006 through 2010, we were under the fiscal sponsorship of Friends of the River. In 2011, we became our own separate 501c3 organization. Since 2011, we have raised a total of $1,542,504.50 through 3417 donations. Our average donation amount is $451.00.

We have received 3109 donations at $999 and below for a total of $333,962.57. These donations come from people throughout all of California.

We have received 308 donations at $1000 and above for a total of $1,207,534.93. The average major donor contribution is $3920.57. Of these 308 donors, 90% of them come from Delta landowners, almost all family farmers. The other 10% of our major donors are foundations, fishing groups, Delta area businesses, and private citizens from throughout California. We have three major donors who are area developers. Their donations have made up 5.2% of our total budget since 2011.

Our top 12 donors have contributed 26% of our total funding, and we are grateful to them for their generosity. Only one of those donors is a Restore the Delta Board Member, the AG Spanos Corporation. Their contributions make up 4% of our total revenue raised.

We operate depending on funding availability on an annual budget of $250,000 to $350,000 dollars. While we are grateful to our supporters for their generosity, the bigger story here is how underfunded we are compared to those groups doing media work, organizing, and lobbying for the water exporters. They have budgets in the millions annually. The fact that we have built a successful campaign at this funding level from such a diverse mix of supporters speaks to the fact that we have stayed true to our mission and that our supporters are passionate advocates for the Delta. They may hold diverse political views, but they are united in their opposition to Governor Brown’s plan to build the Delta tunnels and to the over pumping of the Delta.

We are proud that we run a grassroots campaign made up of supporters from every background and with contributions at every dollar level. We are grateful that all our supporters make contributions to the best of their individual financial ability and through their gifts of time and talent.