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Tell your House Representatives to Oppose H.R. 1927

Dear Supporters, Please call and/or e-mail your house representatives today or by Monday and tell them oppose H.R. 1927 (More Water and Security for Californians Act) introduced by Jim Costa of Fresno and Madera county. H.R. 1927 will severely weaken scientifically sound protections for California’s salmon fishery and other native fish in the Bay-Delta estuary and threatens the thousands of jobs that depend on healthy populations of these fish. H.R. 1927 aims to take advantage of the California drought crisis in order to remove essential environmental pumping restrictions and deliver more water to special interests in arid and desert regions of California. These pumping restrictions upheld by the courts protect our vital fisheries, farms, and Bay-Delta estuary. State Water Contractors [...]

Water bond update

To learn about a new campaign opposing the Water Bond, you will need to visit, and/or follow or “LIKE” No On Prop 1 Facebook or Vote No On Prop 1 on Twitter. Regular updates on this issue will not be forthcoming from Restore the Delta, but from the No On Prop 1 committee. Take the time to check out these sites, there is a lot of new information available. Thank you, Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla

Call your legislators today; tell them NO to the Governor’s Water Bond!

Dear Supporters: Please call your state legislators today and tell them NOT to support Governor Brown’s proposed water bond. Governor Brown is reportedly trying to sell his water bond to our State Assembly and Senate with the words, “Just Trust Me.” He is putting window dressing on the bond to persuade our state legislators to accept a pro-tunnels water bond. While the Governor is pressuring legislators by telling them it is “tunnels neutral,” Freedom of Information Act requests for BDCP documents show that bond money for flows is really money for a water account to make the BDCP tunnels full for water exporters like Westlands and Kern County Water Agency. Tell them the Governor’s water bond is not neutral, but [...]

Videos of Interest: No Delta Tunnels Rally on 7/29/14

Video: KXTV-ABC Television Market: Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto, CA (20) News 10 at 6pm Video: KGPE-CBS Television Market: Fresno-Visalia, CA (55) Eyewitness News at 6-00 Video: “Restore the Delta coffin delivered to CA Governor Jerry Brown’s mail room July 29, 2014” by Gene Beley Video: “Restore the Delta Capitol Rally July 29, 2014 shines a light on the Jerry “Chicken” Brown no vote B.D.C.P. twin tunnels project” by Gene Beley In case you missed it.. Photo Essay: No Delta Tunnels Rally by Dan Bacher

Delta Water Warriors — Time to call Sen. Feinstein!

Delta Water Warriors, We need your help with phone calls! Please call Senator Feinstein to remind her of the following as she negotiates with members of the House from the SJ Valley, who represent California’s water takers: Senator Feinstein, Washington D.C. office: (202) 224-3841 “We need real solutions to the drought that won’t sacrifice the environment or worsen Delta water quality and fisheries in the long run. Remember most of the threatened and endangered fish in the Delta ended up in that status after the 1987-92 drought, and we are still trying to recover fisheries from the management mistakes made then through the present. As a California Senator, you have promised to protect environmental laws, especially in discussions regarding drought [...]

Action Alert: Attend our No Delta Tunnels rally! 7/29

July 29th will be the LAST DAY for public comment on the BDCP. Join us in a rally marking this date and in raising our ongoing message “NO TUNNELS!” Save the date, share our event, and plan to join us. This is a critical time in the BDCP twin tunnels process–we must make our opposition against the tunnels be seen and heard throughout the state. We need all supporters to show up in large numbers to show how unpopular these tunnels really are. DATE: Tuesday, July 29th LOCATION: West Steps of State Capitol, 10th St and Capitol Street, Sacramento TIME: 11:30 AM Download and share our flyer. More details to come on speakers, live music, and more. If you are [...]

Action Alert: Tell Governor Brown Today NOT ONE PENNY for Tunnels Mitigation!

Restore the Delta has learned that: Governor’s bond proposal is not “tunnel neutral” as he claims. The governor’s proposed Chapter X. Watershed Protection and Ecosystem Restoration, Section 79735 B, provides that funds will be made available for ‘habitat restoration’ that is part of the BDCP plan, and for moving water from willing sellers to habitat areas, a program that would have taxpayers pay to replace the required water flows exported by the BDCP tunnels. BDCP records obtained through the Freedom of Information Act showing that the BDCP plans to use bond funds to help fund purchases over the next 50 years of up to 1.3 million acre feet of water annually from upstream areas, such as the Sacramento Valley. These [...]

Urgent: Call Senator Feinstein & Senator Boxer Today!

Dear Restore the Delta Members: Senator Feinstein's bill S 2198 is a bad deal for the Delta.  It will federalize water diversions from the Delta at levels that are bad for farms and fish.  Even worse, as the Senator continues to sell the bill as  "temporary" drought measures, water advocates continue to find language  buried in the bill that favors big corporate agribusiness on the west side of the San Joaquin Valley to the detriment of 99% of California's water users.  The bill has not been passed through normal committees and public hearings, and thus has not had to withstand public scrutiny. Plus a Senate and House conference to merge water bills will result in even greater weakened protections for [...]

Action Alert: For submitting your BDCP public comment; all the materials you need to guide you

Planning to submit a public comment or need guidance? Missed and attended our BDCP Letter Writing Party on 5/13/14? Here are all the materials we used. Feel free to send your letters to [email protected], [email protected], or [email protected] for a critique or for any help! To begin, download and/or view our PowerPoint. Documents numbered 2-7 are materials you could refer to in your letter. All these documents and links are on our website here. (1) PowerPoint on Commenting on the BDCP (Correction made: Incorrect reference to Chapter 13, correct reference is Chapter 31). (2) Places to find useful information in the BDCP EIR/EIS (3) Table 31.1 Summary of Significant Unavoidable Adverse Impacts EIR/EIS CEQA NEPA Req Sections (4) Implementation Structure BDCP [...]

How to Comment on BDCP

Planning to submit a public comment or need guidance? Missed and attended our BDCP Letter Writing Party on 5/13/14? Here are all the materials we used. Feel free to send your letters to [email protected], [email protected], or [email protected] for a critique or for any help! Deadline for BDCP Public Comment on Draft and EIR/S has now been extended to 7/29. To begin, download and/or view our PowerPoint, which is our guideline to make sure your comment is not thrown out or dismissed. Documents numbered 2-7 are materials that you could refer to in your letter. (1) PowerPoint on Commenting on the BDCP (Correction made: Incorrect reference to Chapter 13 changed to Chapter 31). (2) Places to find useful information in the [...]