2016 was the year that Restore the Delta changed the narrative across the state regarding the Delta tunnels.
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Through daily media work based on investigation, research, clear writing, and careful messaging, we were able to convey that the Delta Tunnels project should never be built and that better alternatives for managing California’s water exist.
Here are a few of our major accomplishments and ongoing projects for the rest of this year:

• We informed Californians of the need for a statewide audit of expenses for the Delta Tunnels project, which the legislature was able to move forward with the State Auditor’s office, beginning in Spring 2017.
• We built a groundswell of opposition to the project within the Santa Clara Valley Water District, which has for the present disbanded its CA Water (non)Fix Committee.
• We broke the story of the Delta islands purchase to the media, and watchdog for the press the ongoing problems resulting from Metropolitan Water District not following proper procedures during the purchase.
• We led the way breaking key stories on the lack of economic planning and the need for Federal and State subsidies that would be required to build the project.
• We prepared extensive technical comments related to permitting the Delta tunnels project, and weakening water quality standards for Delta protection — which is now putting us in the position of presenting the the broadest case-in-chief at the State Water Resources Control Board elucidating the impacts of the project on hundreds of thousands of Delta area residents.
• Lastly, we are also sponsoring an organizing effort in Southern California, aimed at educating elected officials and Metropolitan Water District Board Members on the real costs of this boondoggle project.

Thanks to your support, Restore the Delta now has a proven, 10-year, track record of advocacy that has kept Governor Brown’s proposed massive underground water export tunnel project from getting off the ground. Yet, we anticipate 2017 as the year to stop the tunnels once and for all, and the time to reset the course to protect the Bay-Delta estuary for future generations.
This year, our campaign was able to:

• Reach 1,790,000 news readers online with earned media stories;
• Have our news stories shared to larger reading networks 40,300 times;
• Have our stories covered by National Public Radio, Associated Press, KQED, KCET, the Sacramento Bee, San Francisco Chronicle, Orange County Register, Mother Jones, San Diego Union-Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Stockton Record, Fox News, and many other news outlets, even the New Zealand Herald;
• Reach on Facebook 4 million California viewers, and engage another 235,000 people on Twitter.

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