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Climate Equity and Seismic Resilience for the San Francisco Bay-Delta Estuary

The Fate of the Delta

Comment Letters on Delta Tunnels || Last update: 01.31.17

Comment Letters on Related Legislation ||

Water Quality ||

Delta Plan Litigation ||

Drought Barriers ||

Outreach Materials: Tools for Community Action ||

Testimonies and Declarations before the State Water Board 2016-2018 ||

Comment Letters 2019-forward

Coalition Letter to Governor Newsom RE: Water Portfolio Process
Coalition Letter to Secretary Crowfoot and Secretary Blumenfeld Re: Request Posting of Single Tunnel, & Water Resilience Portfolio, Comments & Correspondence on Agency Web Sites
Letter to Secretary Crowfoot RE: Delta Conveyance Finance Authority, Delta Conveyance Design and Contstruction Authority
Letter to Senator Atkins and Assemblymember Rendon RE: SB 01
SB 01 Coalition Letter
Letter to Secretary Crowfoot and Secretary Blumenfeld RE: Rethinking California Waterfix
Coalition Letter to Senator Feinstein RE: David Bernhardt
Coalition Letter to Senators Warren, Blumenthal, and Harris RE: David Bernhardt
SB 204 Sign On Letter
WIIN Act Draft Prepayment Contract Between the United States and Westlands Water District, Irrigation and M&I Contract No. 14-06-200-495A-XXX
Re: New Information Regarding Deformities in Sacramento Splittail and Drinking Water Quality Raise Significant National Issues for Consideration in the Draft Environmental Assessment for the proposed 10-Year Agreement to Use the San Luis Drain for Discharges to the San Joaquin River and San Francisco-Bay Delta by the San Luis & Delta-Mendota Water Authority
RE: Comments on Draft Environmental Assessment Cross-Valley Contractors Interim Renewal Contracts (Draft EA-19-0441)
Letter to Bureau of Rec, Westlands Prepay Contract, 1.7.20
Restore the Delta comments on Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) for Long-term Operation of the California State Water Project
Reject Calls to Abandon Public Interest and Environmental Protection in the Delta
Written Comments on DWR’s Draft EIR for Long-Term Operation of the SWP
Preliminary public review draft of amendments to Chapter 4, Ecosystems, of Delta Plan
Objection to Adoption of Westlands Water District Board of Directors Distribution District #1 & #2 Resolution Nos. 101-20, 102-20, 103-20 and 104-20 Because of:
(1) Insufficient Public Notice and Inadequate Project Description and
(2) Failure to Comply with the California Environmental Policy Act (CEQA), the Central Valley Project Improvement Act (CVPIA), and state and federal Endangered Species Acts.

Restore the Delta’s comments on Water Resilience Portfolio
Delta Conveyance Scoping Comments

Outreach materials: Tools for community action

Feel free to print and distribute!

– Basics: Save the SF Bay-Delta, Stop the Tunnels (Recommended for distribution) PDF
 10 Questions Delta Tunnel Boosters Don’t Want You to Ask PDF
 2017 California Sustainable Water Plan Shortened PDF | Web version
 2016 Real Water Solutions for a Sustainable California PDF
 Delta Tunnels Impacts on SF Bay-Delta Water Quality – 5 Questions Jerry Brown Doesn’t Want You to Ask PDF
<strong- Earthquake Fact Sheet: Addressing Myths PDF
 Why the Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay-Delta Estuary Matters to Stockton and San Joaquin County (Covers local impacts) PDF

Maps, Tables, And Other References
 Average Annual South of Delta Water Deliveries, 2000-2009 PDF (Table)
 Delta Tunnels Project Relative to Existing Delta Infrastructure PDF (Map) *Alignment has slightly changed although points of diversion remains the same, updated map.*
 Bay Bridge Replacement vs CA Water Fix/Delta Tunnels PDF (Table Comparison)
Users of Delta Water Irrigating Selenium-Impaired Soils in the San Joaquin Valley PDF (Map and Table)
 Where Does Delta Water Go? And What For? PDF (Pie Chart and Table)
 Restore the Delta Response to the BDCP Presentation by Paul Helliker (DWR Director) [March 3, 2014] PDF (PowerPoint)
 California Sportsfishing Protection Alliance (CSPA): San Joaquin Waters and BDCP (Former name for Delta Tunnels) [April 2014] PDF (PowerPoint)

Important Publications & Studies
 Environmental Water Caucus Responsible Exports Plan [September 1, 2015] PDF 
 EcoNorthwest Report: Estimated Costs to Retire Drainage Impaired Lands in the San Luis Unit [July 13, 2015] PDF
 Delta Protections Commission’s Economic Sustainability Plan [2011] LINK

– Newspaper editorials opposed to the Delta Tunnels LINK
 Water Quality Impacts of the Delta Tunnels Project by Tim Stroshane, Policy Analyst [August 27, 2015] PDF
 Dante Nomellini, “The Peripheral Canal: San Francisco Bay-Delta Estuary Proposals.” The Water Report #53 [July 15, 2008] PDF

Letters to Governor Brown
The Delta Tunnels Proposal: Built On A House Of Cards, An Open Letter to Governor Brown [March 16, 2016] PDF

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Delta Plan/Delta Stewardship Council

 Restore the Delta comments on Delta Plan Amendments EIR [January 22, 2017] PDF
 Restore the Delta comments on 5/25 CSO and Performance Measures amendments; environmental justice policies [June 7, 2017] PDF
 Comments on Draft 2017-2021 Science Action Agenda [May 31, 2017] PDF
 Joint Comment Letter concerning DSC Storage Conveyance Options [April 17, 2017] PDF
 Joint Enviro Groups Comments to Delta Stewardship Council Meeting, Pertaining to Development of Delta Plan Amendment(s) [June 23, 2016] PDF

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Comment Letters on Related Legislation

2014 Water Bond Information: Restore the Delta comments
 Joint Comment Letter: SB848 to (Wolk) – Safe Drinking Water, Water Quality, and Water Supply Act of 2014 [April 23, 2014] PDF
 Joint Comment Letter: AB2554 (Rendon) – Clean, Safe, and Reliable Drinking Water Act of 2014 [April 23, 2014] PDF
 Joint Comment Letter: AB1331 (Rendon) – Clean, Safe, and Reliable Drinking Water Act of 2014 [April 23, 2014] PDF

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Comment Letters on Delta Tunnels

Are you here for BDCP/CA WaterFix New Draft EIR/EIS Comments (2015 & Older)? CLICK HERE

 Additional Comments on Final Environmental Impact Report/Statement [January 27, 2017] PDF
 Request for Termination of the California Water Fix project [November 29, 2016] PDF
 Request for full Operations and Financial Disclosure and Honesty in connection with issuance of new Draft EIR/EIS for California Water Fix project if project not dropped [September 22, 2016] PDF
 Objections to Petitioners’ evidence and requests for disqualification of witnesses in the matter of the California WaterFix request for a change in the point of diversion [July 12, 2016] PDF

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Comment Letters on Drought Barriers

 A Century of Salt Water Barriers by Tim Stroshane [June 5, 2015] PDF
 Our Annotated Guide to the Governor’s Drought Proclamation of April 1, 2015 PDF

 Letter to California Department of Water Resources [March 16, 2015] PDF
 Letter to Army Corps of Engineers [March 30, 2015] PDF

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Water Quality, Flows, TUCP

Bay-Delta Water Quality Control Plan (WQCP)
 Restore the Delta and Environmental Justice Coalition for Water Comments for Phase I RSED [March 16, 2016] PDF
 Governor Brown’s Letter to SWRCB on Update to WQCP [September 19, 2016] PDF
 150+ Groups Coalition Letter to SWRCB to Update WQCP [April 5, 2016] PDF
 150+ Groups Coalition Letter to USEPA to Update WQCP [April 5, 2016] PDF

Temporary Urgency Change Petition (TUCP) 2015
 Restore the Delta Presentation to SWRCB Workshop [June 24, 2015] PDF (PowerPoint)
 California Sportfishing Protection Alliance Presentation to SWRCB Workshop [June 24, 2015] PDF (PowerPoint)
Legal Documents 
 Lawsuit: Restore the Delta Complaint for Declaratory and Injunctive Relief and Press Release [June 4, 2015] PDF
 Restore the Delta Protest-Petition to SWRCB, DWR, and USBR [July 21, 2015] PDF [June 17, 2015] PDF [May 5, 2015] PDF
– Restore the Delta Protest-Petition to SWRCB [February 13, 2015] PDF

Other Letters
 Letter to USBR: Notice of Intent to Prepare a Draft Environmental Impact Statement, Revisions to the Coordinated Long-Term Operations of the Central Valley Project and State Water Project, and Related Facilties [January 31, 2018] PDF
 Environmental, Fishing, Environmental Justice and Tribal Coalition Response to Water Agency Consortium Request that Water Board Abandon Unimpaired Flow Approach to Water Management in Bay-Delta [October 26, 2015] PDF
 Joint Letter on Draft Environmental Impact Statement for Coordinated Long-Term Operation of the Central Valley Project and State Water Project [September 29, 2015] PDF

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