Our weekly radio show “Delta Flows” is a project by The Voice of Stockton – KXVS Radio and Restore the Delta. It will be a live show on Friday mornings at 10:30 a.m., with replays during the week.
Bookmark this link and save this station (KXVS will soon be on FM radio) to listen live.
Delta Flows will be everything Delta: water, farming, food, law, art, fisheries, history, recreation, environment, culture.
Let’s celebrate our natural and diverse Delta heritage together. Let’s discover what makes our home our home.

January 26th Special Guest: Stuart Walthall of Locke Foundation and James Motlow of Locke Management Association & author of Bitter Melon. They will discuss the history of Locke, the Delta’s most popular historic legacy town!
December 22nd Special Guest: Phillip Merlo, history teacher at Franklin High School. They will discuss the history of the Delta, specifically with regards to urbanization in Stockton.
December 15th An interview of host, Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla of Restore the Delta, for a 30 minute discussion of what will happen next for Restore the Delta and updates on our campaign to stop the Delta Tunnels project.
December 8th Special Guests: Tom Keeling, attorney with the Freeman Firm, representing San Joaquin County in the CA WaterFix hearings at the State Water Resources Control Board / Jonas Minton, Water Program Manager at the Planning and Conservation League and former deputy director with the California Department of Water Resources / Osha Meserve, environmental and water attorney, with Local Agencies of the North Delta. They will discuss the status of the Delta Tunnels project and CA WaterFix’s Industry Day.
December 1st Special Guest: Bill Wells, California Delta Chamber and Visitor’s Bureau. They will discuss the Delta Lighted Boat show and parade taking place December 1st and December 2nd.
November 17th Special Guest: Dan Bacher, Fish Sniffer Editor and Stockton Record outdoor columnist. They will discuss fishing in the Delta, different fish species, fishing conditions, and management of Delta fisheries.
November 10th Special Guest: Virginia Hemly Chhabra and Sarah Hemly with Greene and Hemly Farms, one of the Delta’s first family farms. They will discuss the history of family farming in the Delta, Delta pear farming, organic farming, and their new business venture: hard pear cider.
November 3rdSpecial Guests: Kathy Grant of the Sandhill Crane Festival, Ken Nieland, a crane expert of the Lodi Sandhill Crane Festival, and Sally Shanks of Save Our Sandhill Cranes.