Learn how the proposed Delta Tunnels plan fails to meet standards set by law, economics and science. Get down to the real technical issues. Read and/or skim through our collection of comment letters from experts and opponents of the Delta Tunnels below.
Last update: 11/25/15
RTD, CSPA, FOR, EWC letter to State Water Resources Control Board on Water Fix Hearing & 12/2/15 Closed Session – 11/24/15 ADDED 11/25
RTD, EWC & FOR Comments on Options to Promote New & Improved Conveyance to Delta Stewardship Council 11-19-15
RTD Comments on Public Notice SPK-2008-00861 (Tunnels Project/“CA WaterFix”) to Army Corps of Engineers 11-09-15
Comment Letters on BDCP/California Water Fix New Draft EIR/EIS 2015
42. Environmental Water Caucus (EWC) 10-30-15
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41. U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 10-30-15 ADDED 11/23
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40. U.S Fish & Wildlife (FWS) General Comments 10-30-15 ADDED 11/23
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39. East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) 10-28-15 ADDED 11/17
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38. San Joaquin Farm Bureau Federation 10-27-15 ADDED 11/17
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37. Department of Resource Management – Solano County 10-30-15 ADDED 11/17
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36. County of Sacramento 10-30-15 ADDED 11/17
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35. Suisun Resource Conservation District 10-29-15 ADDED 11/17
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34. Beehive Design Collective, California Student Sustainability Coalition & Others 10-30-15 ADDED 11/9/15
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33. Central Delta Water Agency (CDWA) dated 10-26-15 through 10-30-15
Read Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | Supplemental

32. Friends of the River (FOR) 10-28-15
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31. Review of the Delta Independence Science Board (ISB) 09-30-15
Bay Delta Conservation Plan/California WaterFix Partially Recirculated Draft Environmental Impact Report/ Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement.

30. Contra Costa County Water District (CCWD) 10-30-15
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29. Placer County Water Agency (PCWA) 10-30-15
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28. South Delta Water Agency (SDWA) 10-30-15
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27. League of Women Voters of California 10-30-15
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26. City of Stockton dated 10-29-15
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25. San Joaquin County dated 10-27-15
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24. Local Agencies of the North Delta (LAND) 10-30-15
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23. California Sportfishing Protection Alliance (CSPA) et all 10-30-15
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22. Center for Food Safety 10-30-15
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21. Planning and Conservation League et all 10-30-15
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20. AquaAlliance 10-30-15
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19. Save Our Sandhill Cranes 10-30-15
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18. San Joaquin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce 10-30-15
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17. Dr. Jeffrey Michael (Dir., Center for Business & Policy Research University of the Pacific) 10-30-15
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16. Delta Protection Commission (DPC) 10-30-15
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15. Friends of Stone Lakes 10-30-15
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14. NRDC et all 10-30-15
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13. Environmental Council of Sacramento (ECOs) & Habitat 2020 10-30-15
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12. San Joaquin Coalition of Governments (SJCOG) 10-29-15
Comment Letter Pertaining to SJMSCP

11. Earth Law Center Dated 10-22-15
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10. Joint Letter by Environmental Justice Organizations – EJCW, EWC, RTD Dated 10-30-15
BDCP/CA WaterFix Drafts Fail to Consider Negative Impacts on Environmental Justice Communities – Read here.

9. Joint Letter on Refusal of Lead Agencies to Disclose in Drafts Significant Adverse Environmental Impacts 10-26-15
BDCP/CA WaterFix Drafts Useless for Informing Public about Water Tunnels Project – Read here.

8. Stockton Chamber of Commerce 10-26-15
RRDEIS/SDEIS Comments and Request for Agencies to Comply with CA Water Code – Read here.

7. Joint Letter RDEIR/SDEIS Comments and Request for BDCP Agencies to Comply with the federal Clean Water Act 10-06-15
By Protecting Designated/Beneficial uses, Meeting and Exceeding Water Quality Criteria, and Preventing Degradation of San Francisco Bay-Delta Estuary Water Quality

6. Joint Letter with Environmental Water Organizations to SWRCB 10-02-15
Premature and Defective Petition for Change Application for Water Fix submitted by DWR and Bureau of Reclamation

5. Environmental Groups Letter to SWRCB 09-29-15
Preliminary Comments Regarding the Notice, Fact Sheet and Petition for Change in Point of Diversion for the California WaterFix

4. Joint Letter with 40+ Groups to Secretary of Interior Sally Jewell 09-16-15
Reject Delta Tunnels, Too Risky and Not Justified

3. Joint Letter RDEIR/SDEIS Comments and Request for BDCP Agencies to Comply with NEPA and the ESA 09-09-15
Prepare a Biological Assessment and Carry out Consultation with the USFWS And NMFS And Then Issuing a New Draft EIR/EIS

2. Restore the Delta to Secretary of Interior Sally Jewell and President Barack Obama 08-15-15
DVD of Public Comments Regarding Opposition to the Delta Tunnels/California Water Fix (Alternative 4A)

1. Joint Letter Request for BDCP Agencies to Issue a New Draft EIR/EIS 07-22-15
Develop and Consider a Reasonable Range of Alternatives Increasing Delta Flows by Reducing Exports/RDEIR/SDEIS Comments
2014 Comment Letters on BDCP/California Water Fix (Delta Tunnels)
3. Restore the Delta Public Comment Letter on Draft BDCP and EIR/EIS Plan 07-17-14
Comments on the BDCP and Associated Draft EIR/EIS

2. Environmental Water Caucus Comment (EWC) Letter on BDCP Plan and EIR/EIS 06-11-14
Comments on the Draft BDCP and Draft BDCP EIR/EIS

1. Restore the Delta Joint Letter with Environmental Justice Groups 05-28-14
Request for Restarting and Extending Bay Delta Conservation Plan Comment Period Due to Lack of Meaningful Access for Limited English Speakers