Climate Water Advocates

Restore the Delta has a new team of university students who are working on climate/water issues for the San Francisco Bay-Delta estuary. Funded by the Irvine Foundation and Sierra Health Fund, these leaders from Stockton who are studying oceanography, environmental and material science, civil engineering, history, and political science have already been to the State Water Resources Control Board to make the case for the State Water Board to implement and continue with their Bay-Delta Plan to restore water flows for the Delta and for further protection for the estuary from harmful algal blooms.

Gloria Alonso

Gloria Alonso is a local immigrant activist and beginner environmentalist. She has been involved in local campaigns for the advancement of immigrant rights and more recently for environmental and public health protection. Gloria is a student at the California State University of Sacramento aiming for a major in Geography with a focus on Metropolitan Area Planning. Gloria’s homeland experiences shaped her advocacy. The lack of adequate water services impacting water pollution and deteriorating the health of the immigrant community at informal settlements is an issue close to her heart that makes her passionate about pursuing water conservation and creating ways to access clean water for all.

Darius Waiters

I am Darius Waiters. I was born in Stockton, California where I have lived my entire life.  My father is a dispatcher for a construction company in San Jose and my mother is a lunch lady for the high schools in SUSD. I grew up boating and fishing with my family on the Delta. I have three biological siblings and one adopted sibling. My siblings and I are the first generation to pursue higher education. My three older siblings have all acquired at least a B.A. degree. My older sister has obtained a M.A. I am the only one of our family that has chosen to pursue a career in STEM. I am studying environmental and material engineering at Delta College.

Jay Smith

I am Jay’Nell Smith, but I usually go by Jay. I am an aspiring aquatic restoration and wildlife biologist/ conservationist. Currently I’m studying Ocean Conservation at Oregon State University, but I’m originally from the heart of Stockton and know all about the necessary change needed for the community. Currently I am working for Restore the Delta virtually to learn and communicate about improvements needed for Delta waterways. This work and my studies of ocean conservation programs have helped me solidify a passion for the ocean and and how it benefits the human population as a whole. I am working to ensure that Stockton, the Delta, and Native American tribes have clean and healthy water for their communities. 

Katherine Parrilla

Katherine Parrilla is an aspiring historian and ethnic studies advocate. She is a Stockton native and a student at Humboldt State University. Katherine will be working with the Smithsonian Institute to help bring the story of the Filipino community to a national stage. In addition, Katherine is a climate water  intern for Restore the Delta and is passionate about environmental justice and the Bay-Delta region.

Natalia Barraza

My name is Natalia Barraza.  I was born and raised in Stockton, California. I am currently a freshman studying structural engineering at University of California, San Diego. I have spent many years volunteering and working for Restore the Delta, and I have grown a passion for environmental issues and water quality. While spending my time at Restore the Delta and around my city, I was able to see how environmental conditions have gone from bad to worse. I have decided to join the Restore the Delta Climate Water Advocate Team to combat any more damage done to the Delta’s wildlife and ecosystem. I want to invest in my community and reduce future degradation for south and central Stockton; I refuse to spend the rest of my adult life seeing the Delta deteriorate. I am grateful to be a part of this team, and I am excited to learn more about water quality, the environment, and the impacts that this all holds for San Joaquin County.