The SF Bay-Delta Twin Tunnels are now history.

Their demise was one of the first acts of Governor Newsom as he took office in January 2019. 

So, what comes next? A new water process.

This new process goes by the moniker, “California Water Resilience Portfolio.” The planning has begun to use water in California in a way that “meets the needs of California’s communities, economy, and environment through the 21st century.”

The governor’s order requires agencies to “conduct extensive outreach to inform this process” including the usual water agencies at all levels, and sovereign tribes, and environmental justice and environmental conservation organizations, as well as business leaders, academic experts, and other stakeholders.”

That’s all of us!

What does Restore the Delta think about this new process and what did we learn from the 12-year-fight to stop the Twin Tunnels?
Our new report Climate Equity and Seismic Resilience for the San Francisco Bay-Delta Estuary spells it out.