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ICYMI: Trump sending more California water to farms troubled federal biologists. They were sidelined

February 14, 2021   In an exclusive by The Sacramento Bee and The Guardian, Ryan Sabalow, Jimmy Tobias, Emily Holden, and Dale Kasler report on how federal biologists were sidelined by Trump officials in making determinations that have further decimated the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta estuary. Their report,  “Trump sending more California water to farms troubled federal biologists. They were sidelined,” describes how policy makers, Maria Rea with the Sacramento National Marine Fisheries office, and Cathy Marcinkevage, an agency branch chief, sought to protect the integrity of their scientific findings for Delta fisheries and regarding how the Trump Delta water plan would hurt already endangered Chinook salmon and steelhead. Their efforts were overridden by a strike team that edited out of [...]

ICYMI 2/13/21: Women harassed, bullied, ignored at powerful water agency

‘They thought I was so low’: Women say they were harassed, bullied, ignored at powerful water agency – Los Angeles Times 2/12/21In interviews with 20 current and former staffers and reviews of hundreds of pages of district records, court documents and audio recordings, The Times found a pattern of complaints alleging harassment and bullying of women who enrolled in the apprentice program, which trains workers who operate and repair the water pumping stations and treatment plants of the Colorado River Aqueduct and other district facilities. It is a crucial pathway into higher-paying, skilled jobs.Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla, Executive Director, Restore the Delta:Restore the Delta stands in solidarity with the women at MWD. Women in the Delta face at times, similar inequity and harassment. [...]

COMMENTS LETTER Grasslands Bypass Project Drainage Management Plan

Hello everyone, While RTD is still operating virtually, we like to keep you updated on our recent policy work. On Monday, we submitted these comments  to the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board regarding the Grasslands Bypass Project Drainage Management Plan Here is a section of the letter:“We continue to insist that serious consideration of alternatives to the status quo of simply protecting the beneficial uses of the important wildlife refuges along the San Joaquin River. Make no mistake: we value the wildlife refuges. But so far, beneficial uses of environmental justice communities in the same corridor are being ignored in the regulation of selenium discharge from the Grasslands area. An important set of alternatives to the status quo is planned [...]

ICYMI 1/29/21 – Delta Youth, Water Bills

A Rude Awakening – KPFA 1/29/21On the January 29th edition of Rude Awakening with Sabrina Jacobs, our Executive Director talks about the ongoing challenges facing the Delta that are systemically tied to problems with water management: water quality, invasive species, harmful algal blooms, future flood threat, and our work with Delta youth.  The interview starts at 35:15. San Diego Water Managers Push For State Relief – KPBS 1/27/21 San Diego County water managers are lobbying state officials to help get financial relief for customers and water agencies struggling with water debt during the COVID-19 pandemic.The region’s water wholesaler was surprised by the amount of debt looming over water customers and the agencies that sell it.State water officials estimate 1.6 million customers are behind on [...]

ICYMI 1/26/21: Saving the Tuolumne, “River’s End” film

Today, we call your attention to an op-ed by our friends at NRDC and Golden State Salmon on why the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission must be led by someone who values the San Joaquin River, its tributaries, and the San Francisco Bay-Delta estuary. Also, San Francisco Baykeeper was part of a wonderful documentary called River’s End. It picks up in many ways where Restore the Delta’s Over Troubled Waters left off in 2012.San Francisco: Save the river you drink from – Opinion: San Francisco Chronicle 1/26/21“The science is clear that the Tuolumne and its native fish and wildlife will never recover without leaving more water in the river. Other water agencies around the state have shown how San Francisco can thrive while taking [...]

Save the Date: Join us for Delta Adapts Vulnerability Assessment Findings on February 4, 2021

Dear friends,We would like to formally invite you to attend the Delta Adapts Vulnerability Assessment Findings virtual public workshop on February 4, 2021 from 6:00 to 7:30pm.The Delta Stewardship Council, together with community partners from Restore the Delta, Fathers and Families of San Joaquin, Little Manila Rising, and Third City Coalition, are excited to share and discuss the project’s findings.JOIN YOUR FELLOW DELTA STAKEHOLDERS IN FEBRUARY TO: Review results. Council staff will share the main findings from the recently completed vulnerability assessment.Hear from youth leaders. Youth leaders from several Delta communities will share their reactions to the study’s findings.Provide input. Workshop organizers are eager to hear from workshop participants on how to best communicate the study’s findings moving forward.Discuss next steps for adaptation. The workshop team will [...]

ICYMI 1/21/21: California’s Looming Water Crisis

…and commentary from Restore the DeltaWater crisis looms as California households struggle to pay bills, suppliers lose revenue – San Francisco Chronicle 1/20/21“Unpaid water bills are piling up across California as the pandemic continues to rage, leaving water agencies out hundreds of millions of dollars and nearly 1 in 8 families with rising debt — and worse, a possible water shut-off…“The financial hardship is even worse in parts of the Central Valley and Southern California. A statewide moratorium on service shut-offs, put in place indefinitely by Gov. Gavin Newsom in April, protects many residents from losing water for not making payments. But some water agencies are reporting that revenue shortfalls are threatening their bottom line and could soon disrupt operations..” Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla, [...]

ICYMI 1/11/21 — Smelt Extinction and Westlands Land Sale …and commentary from Restore the Delta

2021: Is this the year that wild delta smelt become extinct? – CA Water Blog“The program to net adult delta smelt for captive brood stock caught just one smelt in over 151 tries. All signs point to the Delta smelt as disappearing from the wild this year, or, perhaps, 2022.”Schuil & Associates, Inc. and New Current Water and Land, LLC Collaborate to Counsel Investors on Land Purchases in Westlands Water District – PR Newswire“It is important that those interested in purchasing farmland in California, particularly on the Central Valley’s Westside, be provided excellent counsel on water issues,” said Marc Schuil, Principal and Agent, Schuil & Associates. “With our relationship with New Current Water and Land and their decades of water experience, we are better [...]

ICYMI 1/8/21: New Delta Tunnel documents from DWR

…and Restore the Delta reactionsDelta Conveyance Project Alternatives Screening Process – DWR  “We find this analysis incomplete and weak. Without consideration of the best water modeling based on new estimates of extended drought, the analysis is incomplete as to what the costs and benefits are. This is a premature project determination.”– Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla, Executive Director, Restore the Delta Delta Conveyance Project: Introduction to Community Benefits Program Development – DWR “We encourage community, environmental, and social/environmental justice groups to engage with the Community Benefits process.  While we oppose the project, if we for some reason cannot stop it, we want to ensure that communities are protected and healed. Community benefits are not mitigation and will not protect water quality, but we want to make sure [...]

ICYMI 12/21/20: Emerging Stockton

The Vibe Of It All: Turning Stockton Into ‘An Oasis Of Joy’ – Capital Public Radio Ezra David Romero @ezraromero 12/19/2020Editor’s Note: The effects of a warming planet are often easy to see. But in the heart of California, bold activists are demonstrating the impact climate change can have on problems that mark life in Stockton’s troubled neighborhoods. They’re working to turn the city into a model for what others can do as the climate crisis worsens. The key: investing millions of dollars in the most vulnerable communities. This article is another in a collection of stories chronicling the lives of people least able to adapt safely to climate change.…To the casual passerby, Stockton’s vibe might still feel stagnant, but look more deeply and [...]