Action Alert

Act Now: Hands Off Our Delta Smelt & Delta Flows!

Act Now: Hands Off Our Delta Smelt & Delta Flows! The Trump Administration’s recent announcement to increase Delta exports to Central Valley farmers poses an imminent threat to the emblematic California fish species under the watch of Governor Brown. With only two Delta smelt identified in the last fish survey, state and federal agencies need to focus time, money, and energy on restoring smelt populations instead of turning up the pumps. If the Delta smelt are gone, it will be that much easier for tunnels proponents to build CA WaterFix—a system that when operated will usher in the extinction of Delta smelt if they are not completely wiped out during the project’s construction. The Delta smelt is our small but [...]

One Major Way to Stop the Tunnels in 2018

Dear Friends of Restore the Delta:   We are very grateful for your support that comes to us in many ways throughout the year — from attending events and key government meetings, to writing comments, to making contributions.  You are the glue that holds our efforts together.   This is why in 2018, we are asking you all to make a concentrated effort to let your local elected officials (at the city, county, state, and federal levels), and candidates running for statewide offices why you oppose the Delta tunnels.  It doesn't matter which candidates you support.  What matters is that they understand that the Delta tunnels are an environmental and economic boondoggle and that there are many better solutions for [...]

Action Alert: Pro-Tunnels Agenda? Why You Should Submit Your Comments Anyway

We are alerting you about the Delta Stewardship’s Delta Plan Amendments PEIR Public Comment Event this Thursday (12/14) because of its essential part in the Delta Tunnels project process. However, we have found with the Delta Stewardship Council (DSC) that it is best to put comments in writing to be part of the record for future litigation. Public participation does not have any influence on their pro-conveyance agenda. The DSC does not take public comments from Delta residents seriously enough. For instance, they have failed to make changes to their public meetings after we discussed how they needed to extend outreach for public meetings this year. At the last Stockton scoping meeting about 18 people showed up, after we alerted [...]

ALERT: Beat Westlands’ Big Push Before the Holidays!

“We know exactly what improper storage, conveyance and disposal of these contaminated drainage waters does to the environment. We saw it in Kesterson, and we don’t want to see it again. We don’t think that Westlands are going to have fish and the environment top of mind when they implement their plans.” – Noah Oppenheim, executive director of the Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Associations, WaterDeeply   “It would grant the Westlands Water District a very privileged new water contract basically promising them more water than we can reliably deliver to them. That’s going to come out of the Trinity River and it would forgive hundreds of millions of dollars they owe the government for building out the project. It’s [...]

Take Action: Westlands is Still Trying to Farm American Taxpayers!

Friends of the Bay-Delta,   We just received confirmation that Rep. McCarthy's attempt to add H.R. 1769, the Valadao drainage bill to approve the Westlands settlement, to the NDAA Conference, was rejected by the Conference Committee. The Rider will not be included in the final bill thanks to advocates like you who called and wrote to your Senators.  “We are still going to look for every possible vehicle to get this done,” Westlands Deputy General Manager Johnny Amaral said in an interview. “This is a large problem. It’s coming to a head, and if it doesn’t get resolved by Jan. 15, there will be consequences.” Valadao echoed those remarks. “Congressman Valadao has always, and will continue to, pursue every available [...]

Tell Senators: Stop Westlands From Farming American Taxpayers!

Friends of the Bay-Delta,   From our friends at The Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Associations (PCFFA):   Please Contact:
 Senator Dianne Feinstein- (202) 224-3841, (310) 914-7300, (415) 393-0707, (559) 485-7430 Senator Kamala Harris- (202) 224-3553, (213) 894-5000, (415) 355-9041, (559) 497-5109   Tell both of California’s senators that you oppose HR 1769, the San Luis Drainage Resolution Act, which is expected to be added as a rider on the National Defense Authorization Act for 2018 in the next ten days, or else will move to the Senate as a stand-alone bill in the next month. Tell Harris and Feinstein that they should not sign onto the administration’s anti-environmental agenda by supporting this bill. HR 1769 is a huge giveaway [...]

New weekly radio show: Listen to “Delta Flows”

Today, we launched our weekly radio show "Delta Flows" a project by The Voice of Stockton – KXVS Radio and Restore the Delta. It will be a live show on Friday mornings at 10:30 a.m., with replays during the week.   Bookmark this link and save this station (KXVS will soon be on FM 92.1) to listen live.    Delta Flows will be everything Delta: water, farming, food, law, art, fisheries, history, recreation, environment, culture.   Let's celebrate our natural and diverse Delta heritage together. Let's discover what makes our home our home.   Listen to the first 30 minute show here:  Host Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla of Restore the Delta talks with Kathy Grant of Sandhill Crane Festival, Ken Nieland, a crane expert of [...]

Speak Up Against Pro-Tunnels Amendments at the Delta Stewardship Council!

UPDATE: The Delta Stewardship Council is now taking written public comments. See below!   Friends of the Bay-Delta,   Remember the Delta Stewardship Council's pro-Tunnels Delta Plan amendments? For years, Restore the Delta, environmental groups, and Delta residents have requested the Delta Stewardship Council to follow Delta Reform Act mandates to reduce reliance on the Delta, invest in existing levees, protect fish, and stop the damage from operation of the state and federal water pumps near Tracy. Instead, the DSC chose to promote ”dual conveyance” systems in order to aid the Brown Administration and special interest water districts attempting to fast-track the Delta Tunnels (also known as “California WaterFix”) proposal.   It is critical that we participate in all public processes on [...]

JOIN US: WaterFix/Tunnels Vote at Santa Clara Valley Water District

Will Santa Clara Valley Water District (SCVWD) vote with the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD) to approve AND fund the Delta Tunnels project, or stand with the rest of the Bay Area and the Delta?   Will they decide to invest the hard earned money of their ratepayers in a project that may never be built, instead of investing more dollars in local water efficiency and sustainability projects?   SCVWD needs to hear from both their ratepayers and their Delta and Bay Area neighbors!   Please join us on October 17th for the big vote on the California ‘WaterFix’ Delta Tunnels at the Santa Clara Valley Water District in San Jose.   Ratepayers, remind your water district that you [...]

ACTION ALERT: How you can help in 10 seconds!

We are working on a project to share all your voices and faces to water districts deciding on the Delta Tunnels project throughout the State!   Please share in a 10 second video with us: – Your Name – Who You Are (Are you a fisherman? Student? Etc) – Your Location – Why You Oppose the Delta Tunnels   Feel free to be creative and record your video by cell phone or camera — as long as video and audio quality is presentable. If your video goes a few seconds over 10 seconds, no worries!   E-mail your 10-second videos to [email protected] Thank you for your support!   Helpful resources: How to record video with your iPhone or iPad 5+ [...]