Action Alert

FEDERAL ACTION ALERT: Call Your Reps and Demand Due Process for the Delta & No Increased Delta Exports!

If you’ve been with us since this spring or earlier, you might remember an action alert we issued to stop the Calvert Rider, and then the Valadao Rideras part of the Interior House Appropriations Bill for FY  2019 (H.R. 6147). To refresh your memory, the Calvert Rider would prevent further judicial review of the Delta tunnels project, while the Valadao Rider would prevent judicial review of other California water infrastructure, such as the Central Valley Project and the State Water Project. Then in July, Congressman Jeff Denham (R-Turlock) added yet another amendment to the Appropriations bill, seeking to dismantle the State Water Board’s recent recommended updates to the Bay Delta plan as a means to secure more water deliveries to the Central Valley. This matches up with President [...]

How You Can Help Survivors of the Camp Fire

Monetary Donations for Camp Fire Survivors Fund: • The City of Stockton, along with many Stockton organizations, have come together to help raise money:  • Tri Counties Bank Camp Fire Victim’s: • GoFundMe Roundup of Donations Pages: • Caring Choices Chico: • Northern California Fire Relief Fund:  • A Sacramento artist is donating proceeds from this California art print to support Camp Fire Victims:  Temporary Housing • Air BNB: Air BNB is helping connect victims and people willing to open their homes to victims for free. Hosts can take in victims through the Open Homes Program to provide free housing: Supply Donations • In Chico: Bidwell Presbyterian Church, 208 W. First St., is a donation drop-off center [...]

ACTION ALERT:  3 Ways You Can Tell Governor-Elect Newsom #NoTunnels

This past week was a doozy. While we received great news from the Delta Stewardship Council, Governor Brown is still relentlessly trying to push through his boondoggle legacy project. Speculation of potential backroom deals for the tunnels has popped up in news reporting and cryptic tweets. This is the real legacy that Brown is leaving behind, and we will make sure it is written into history. Before Governor-Elect Newsom takes office, he is already at a crossroads. Will he continue in the shadow of Governor Brown, and carry out Brown’s tunnel vision? Or will he pave a path towards innovating and implementing sustainable water projects in communities across the state? Right now there are 3 steps you can take to help us point Governor Newsom in [...]

ACTION ALERT UPDATE: Time to Oppose the Delta Tunnels at the Delta Stewardship Council!

First off: Congratulations to attorneys Osha Meserve and Tom Keeling whose filings to the Delta Stewardship Council led to Councilmember Maria Mehranian re-recusing herself from voting on the WaterFix Certification of Consistency “in order to avoid any appearance of bias.”  Councilmember Mehranian is a partner at the Cordoba Corporation which sought and lost a contract to work on WaterFix. She also wrote a blog on WaterFix for publication just 60 days prior to being appointed to the Delta Stewardship Council by Governor Brown.  Ms. Mehranian attempted to reverse her recusal after Cordoba did not win the WaterFix contract.  We still believe that these conflicts should disqualify Ms. Mehranian completely from membership on the Council, but for now thanks to the [...]

ACTION ALERT: Time to Oppose the Delta Tunnels at the Delta Stewardship Council!

What:  Public Hearing Regarding Appeals of the Consistency Certification for CA WaterFix: public comment period When: Oct. 26th starting at 9 am Where: Ramada Inn, West Sacramento, Conference Center Pack a lunch; pack a book and some knitting; charge up your cell phone.  And be ready to stand up for the Delta! But first you have to do some prep work! The California Department of Water Resources has filed with the Delta Stewardship Council a “consistency determination” for California Water Fix.  This filing is how DWR will get approval from the Delta Stewardship Council that the Delta tunnels project is consistent with the Council’s Delta Plan. This process checks off a box to move forward with construction of the tunnels.  [...]

ACTION ALERT: Help Us Stop the Resnick + MWD Water Heist

The recent legislative failures to stop the Cadiz Water Project and to enact the Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund sting a little more knowing that the JLBC hearing is just a few short days away (September 11)—a meeting that would rubber stamp a 50-year State Water contract before Delta tunnels amendments have been finished and reviewed by the Committee and before a detailed financial plan for the tunnels is available. Instead of approving these two bills that would have benefitted the public trust, the legislature, fueled by MWD’s influence, are continuing to push through the JLBC hearing to put a rush order on tunnels construction. What’s worse is knowing that MWD’s influence and the Resnicks’ political contributions are shaping [...]

ACTION ALERT: It’s Time to Stop the Joint Legislative Budget Committee Hearing Rescheduled for 9/11!

ACTION ALERT: It’s Time to Stop the Joint Legislative Budget Committee Hearing Rescheduled for 9/11! AB 2649 has died at the end of the legislative session, thanks to your efforts to stop it. Had it passed, the bill would have sunseted the requirement to hold the JLBC meeting to proceed with the State Water Project contract extension and its unfinished, uns­­­­­een amendments related to the Delta tunnels project. Unfortunately, what would have been a second win for Delta advocates, has been interrupted by news that the JLBC hearing has been rescheduled for September 11, 2018. That means it’s time for us to stop it from meeting from happening prematurely for the third time. MEETING DETAILS: WHO: Joint Legislative Budget Committee [...]

Celebrate Yesterday’s Victory While Racking Up Another More Important Victory Before The Legislative Session Ends!

Assembly Member Richard Bloom has put into play a gut and amend bill, AB2649, which would repeal the required Joint Legislative Budget Committee (JLBC) hearing for oversight of the State Water Project contracts and the Delta tunnels, replacing the meeting with an even WEAKER oversight process! We need your help calling Senate President pro Tempore Toni Atkins, JLBC Chair, Senator Holly Mitchell Assembly Member Bloom, Speaker of the Assembly Rendon, and Assembly Member Richard Bloom. Bloom’s bill would repeal the existing Water Code (Section 147.5). This is not good because the existing Water Code (Section147.5) if followed properly and enforced effectively, could provide real oversight. Bloom and his staff are telling callers that his bill would increase regulatory oversight, but that [...]

EMERGENCY ACTION ALERT: Clear Your Thursday Morning—The JLBC Scheduled SWP Contract Extension Hearing with No Public Notice

It’s here. The Joint Legislative Budget Committee hearing on the State Water Project contract extension and Delta tunnels amendments has been scheduled for THIS THURSDAY, August 30 at 8 AM. Their decision to schedule this meeting at the eleventh hour with no public notice has transformed a public meeting into a backroom deal. We cannot let the JLBC play dirty and win—we need a strong turnout of Delta advocates at the hearing to stand up for the Delta, sane water management practices, and honest public process Currently, we are unaware of where the hearing will take place. Please keep an eye on your email for the exact hearing location and address over the next two days. In the meantime, we [...]

It’s back. To Stop the Tunnels, We Have to Stop this Hearing First.

Dear Restore the Delta Supporters, It’s back. In the coming days and weeks, Delta tunnels proponents are trying to give a corrupt water handout to big agriculture on the backs of California taxpayers and water ratepayers, AGAIN. Please participate in this calling campaign aggressively and repeatedly, until we say all is clear. Three key state legislators – Senator Holly Mitchell, President pro Tempore of the State Senate Toni Atkins, and Speaker of the Assembly Anthony Rendon will decide if California should OK a 50-year blank check water contract. Call these decision makers today and tell them to further delay the final Joint Legislative Budget Committee hearing until they have been provided basic information on the State Water Contract including the [...]