Action Alert

Celebrate Yesterday’s Victory While Racking Up Another More Important Victory Before The Legislative Session Ends!

Assembly Member Richard Bloom has put into play a gut and amend bill, AB2649, which would repeal the required Joint Legislative Budget Committee (JLBC) hearing for oversight of the State Water Project contracts and the Delta tunnels, replacing the meeting with an even WEAKER oversight process! We need your help calling Senate President pro Tempore Toni Atkins, JLBC Chair, Senator Holly Mitchell Assembly Member Bloom, Speaker of the Assembly Rendon, and Assembly Member Richard Bloom. Bloom’s bill would repeal the existing Water Code (Section 147.5). This is not good because the existing Water Code (Section147.5) if followed properly and enforced effectively, could provide real oversight. Bloom and his staff are telling callers that his bill would increase regulatory oversight, but that [...]

EMERGENCY ACTION ALERT: Clear Your Thursday Morning—The JLBC Scheduled SWP Contract Extension Hearing with No Public Notice

It’s here. The Joint Legislative Budget Committee hearing on the State Water Project contract extension and Delta tunnels amendments has been scheduled for THIS THURSDAY, August 30 at 8 AM. Their decision to schedule this meeting at the eleventh hour with no public notice has transformed a public meeting into a backroom deal. We cannot let the JLBC play dirty and win—we need a strong turnout of Delta advocates at the hearing to stand up for the Delta, sane water management practices, and honest public process Currently, we are unaware of where the hearing will take place. Please keep an eye on your email for the exact hearing location and address over the next two days. In the meantime, we [...]

It’s back. To Stop the Tunnels, We Have to Stop this Hearing First.

Dear Restore the Delta Supporters, It’s back. In the coming days and weeks, Delta tunnels proponents are trying to give a corrupt water handout to big agriculture on the backs of California taxpayers and water ratepayers, AGAIN. Please participate in this calling campaign aggressively and repeatedly, until we say all is clear. Three key state legislators – Senator Holly Mitchell, President pro Tempore of the State Senate Toni Atkins, and Speaker of the Assembly Anthony Rendon will decide if California should OK a 50-year blank check water contract. Call these decision makers today and tell them to further delay the final Joint Legislative Budget Committee hearing until they have been provided basic information on the State Water Contract including the [...]

ACTION ALERT: It’s time to stand up for the Delta on August 21st at the State Water Resources Control Board meeting!

On August 21, the State Water Board will hold a public meeting for their  Bay-Delta Plan updates in Sacramento. Unfortunately, the period to receive written comments via email, snail mail, or over the phone is over—this means that we need as many activists as possible to deliver public comments in-person on August 21. Depending on the volume of comments, this meeting is anticipated to continue on Wednesday August 22, but it is of the utmost importance that we have a large turnout on the first day of the meeting (August 21). MEETING DETAILS: WHO: State Water Resources Control Board, Bay-Delta advocates, environmental and public trust NGO’s WHAT: A public meeting to consider the adoption of proposed amendments to the Water [...]

ACTION ALERT: Gov. Brown: Don’t give Corporations a Blank Check for Water!

Our friends at Food & Water Watch need your help. It’s time to tell key legislators: it would be completely irresponsible to hold a final hearing on the water contract until we have all the information!  From our friends at Food & Water Watch: In the ongoing saga to stop Governor Brown’s multi-billion dollar corporate water project, CA Water Fix, now he’s moving quickly to amend California’s water supply contract so he can stick taxpayers with the bill without providing any process for transparency or public oversight. Send a message to key state legislators: tell them to stop Governor Brown from making his next move on this corrupt water deal! We recently exposed a major California water agency for breaking [...]

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