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ICYMI 1/8/21: New Delta Tunnel documents from DWR

…and Restore the Delta reactionsDelta Conveyance Project Alternatives Screening Process – DWR  “We find this analysis incomplete and weak. Without consideration of the best water modeling based on new estimates of extended drought, the analysis is incomplete as to what the costs and benefits are. This is a premature project determination.”– Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla, Executive Director, Restore the Delta Delta Conveyance Project: Introduction to Community Benefits Program Development – DWR “We encourage community, environmental, and social/environmental justice groups to engage with the Community Benefits process.  While we oppose the project, if we for some reason cannot stop it, we want to ensure that communities are protected and healed. Community benefits are not mitigation and will not protect water quality, but we want to make sure [...]

ICYMI 12/21/20: Emerging Stockton

The Vibe Of It All: Turning Stockton Into ‘An Oasis Of Joy’ – Capital Public Radio Ezra David Romero @ezraromero 12/19/2020Editor’s Note: The effects of a warming planet are often easy to see. But in the heart of California, bold activists are demonstrating the impact climate change can have on problems that mark life in Stockton’s troubled neighborhoods. They’re working to turn the city into a model for what others can do as the climate crisis worsens. The key: investing millions of dollars in the most vulnerable communities. This article is another in a collection of stories chronicling the lives of people least able to adapt safely to climate change.…To the casual passerby, Stockton’s vibe might still feel stagnant, but look more deeply and [...]

Happy Holidays! Help us continue our work in 2021.

Dear Restore the Delta Friends, We wish you a Merry Christmas! Joyous holidays!  A solstice full of light and love. We hope families had a Happy Hanukkah. We wish other families a Happy Kwanzaa!  And most of all, we wish everyone good health, peace, prosperity and love in 2021.  We embrace joy, celebration, and appreciation in our lives for all that we do have, for what we can build on, for each other, for our region, and for our home. We want to say thank you to everyone who has been responding to our appeals for financial contributions. We are grateful for your generosity during these difficult times, and for your unwavering confidence in our work.  We are not fully out of [...]

ICYMI 12/18/20: Drought, Species, Dams

Savor the last drops — Bay Area rains not expected again until 2021– SF Chronicle 12/17/20Colder weather is normal for December, but low precipitation is not. This year’s winter rainfall is more than 60% below average, meteorologists said. San Francisco has received just 2 inches since the rainfall season started on Oct. 1, compared to the historical average of 6.5 inches. Wednesday’s overnight showers, while moderately strong in some areas, failed to change what has been an exceedingly dry year, meteorologists said. The highest elevations in northern Sonoma County saw about an inch of rain over 24 hours. Most of the region received about half an inch, while bayside cities like Redwood City saw slightly less. While helpful, this week’s [...]

ICYMI: Biden and the Delta – Mercury News Editorial

Editorial: Biden election offers hope for preserving the Delta 12/12/20…The first step for the Biden administration should be a thorough house-cleaning of Trump administration officials who put politics before science. It surprised no one that Trump’s Secretary of the Interior, David Bernhardt, fought to roll back Endangered Species Act protections that would enable additional Delta pumping. Bernhardt served from 2011-2016 as a lobbyist for Westlands Water District, taking in $1 million in fees while developing lawsuits specifically designed to do away with California’s environmental water protections.The Biden administration should instead follow Vice President-elect Kamala Harris’ lead on California water issues. As a senator, Harris took the position that any funding for water projects should also provide environmental benefits.Biden has indicated [...]

MWD Hearing/Vote on Delta Tunnel Funding Was a Farce Restore the Delta statement

For Immediate Release: Dec 9, 2020Contact: Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla, 209-479-2053, [email protected] Stockton, CA – The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California voted on Tuesday to support $59 million in continued planning for the Delta tunnel as a public hearing yesterday in Los Angeles. This money comes on top of the $50 million they spent in April 2020 to fund the next phase of tunnel planning.The proposal to spend this money is coming months before the board has completed its own long-term plan for serving water needs in Southern California. If it is ever built, the tunnel will cost $16-40 billion, and as much as 60 percent of that cost will be borne by MWD. The Delta Tunnel will reduce water flows and devastate the [...]

ACTION ALERT: MWD Decision on Delta Tunnel Tuesday, December 8th Noon

Dear Friends,This is it folks, the BIG VOTE on the Delta Tunnel.This is our last chance, and the biggest chance, of 2020 to kill this terrible project.Caty Wagner of Sierra Club California has written an accurate alert with many good links for Tuesday’s Metropolitan Water District vote regarding funding of the tunnel project.We would add that during an extreme economic downturn, during a pandemic, the question should not even be on the table. Those who want the tunnel are not going to stop the push for their misguided project. But it is unconscionable that they are hoisting this on Californians during this crisis. Don’t let Covid become an excuse for robbing the Delta of its much-needed flows and environment. Please help by sending in your comments.This Tuesday, [...]

Delta Flows: The Rumor Mill Edition

by Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla, Restore the Delta If you have been keeping up with our news about the vote next week at Metropolitan Water District regarding funding for planning and design of the Delta tunnel, we think you will find these recent developments interesting.   We have not been able to confirm in writing or with sources what has been shared with us, in part because some parties will simply not reply. We hope that some motivated reporters, however, will be able to push sources for clarification in a way that our grassroots organization cannot. What we do know, that can be verified…   As explained quite clearly by Caty Wagner of Sierra Club California, here is what MWD Board Members will now be considering [...]

ICYMI 12/2/20: Climate-Mortgage Disaster, MWD Action Alert!

How climate change could spark the next home mortgage disaster – Politico (Special Report) 11/30/20Taxpayers are backing more than a trillion dollars in home mortgages, but the agencies buying them are neglecting to consider climate risks.“Heavy rains overran the streets this year, last year — almost every year. And the problem is projected to get worse: Some scientists fear the city could be underwater within the lifetimes of some current residents.“Despite that grim prognosis, the federal government keeps pumping mortgage money into Hialeah, as it does in hundreds of other communities now facing grave dangers from climate change. “…a result of outdated maps that do not consider future flood scenarios arising from climate change — a problem that, policymakers maintain, is replicated [...]

Today is Giving Tuesday. Join us as we continue our work in 2021!

Dear Friends, On this Giving Tuesday, we know that many fine organizations are asking for your contributions. During the Covid pandemic, there is great urgency for helping people with direct contributions to help families survive the current crisis.  We understand and support the work of many local organizations on the frontlines; our staff and board members are personally making contributions to direct aid organizations during the pandemic. Organizationally we support such groups with messaging and practical assistance where we can. We also supported financially and through coordinated communications mask making efforts for the Delta during the first months of the pandemic when masks could not be found anywhere. The efforts of local volunteers, whom we supplied with cloth, elastic, and sewing supplies, resulted [...]