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We’re gearing up for Giving Tuesday. Can we count you in?

As Giving Tuesday approaches, we remain committed to training the next generation to be the guardians of the San Francisco Bay Delta estuary. You can help acquire the resources and technology needed to continue this by watching the above video and donating today. Through our Climate Water Advocate program, we have trained interns on water quality testing for Harmful Algal Blooms alongside scientists from Region 5 of the State Waterboards, how to present professional comments at government meetings, and how to create and deliver presentations on issues pertaining to the Delta. Two of our Climate Water Advocates were recently featured in San Francisco Estuary Magazine. You can watch their presentations here.  With the renewal of our grant from the James Irvine Foundation, we are excited [...]

DELTA FLOWS 11/17/21: Environmental Justice and the Sacramento River Voluntary Agreements

In 2020, the State Water Boards held a series of four public listening sessions to help inform a resolution and action plan that address racial inequity both within the Water Boards and as they implement programs and policies that preserve, protect, and restore California’s drinking water and water resources. Water Boards Racial Equity Initiative Site At a public hearing this week, Restore the Delta’s executive director, Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla, offered these comments on the resolution and what it means in practice:Our environmental justice community appreciates the hard work by Board Staff to craft the resolution before the board for consideration. We applaud the procedures put in place to support water board staff from BIPOC communities and to strengthen their work within the boards. We [...]

TODAY: An Opportunity to Comment on Redistricting in the Delta!

While redistricting in California is supposed to be led by impartial citizen committees, we hear stories daily about which consultant group from which political leaning is sticking his/her thumb into the redistricting process. It isn’t our issue, so we smile politely, nod, and get back to work.Except when weird things are happening for water representation.There is a movement to split San Joaquin County into three different Assembly Districts: 1) East County – where some groups don’t want to share flows with the Delta; 2) South County which in some places takes water from the Delta pumps, and will now be lumped in with water districts that favor the tunnel and voluntary agreements; 3) and the Stockton corridor, the urban Delta.  All [...]

Restore the Delta Defends Stockton’s Water Rights Application

Water treatment depends on adequate flow For Immediate Release: 11/9/21Contact: Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla, 209-479-2053, [email protected] Stockton – Today, Restore the Delta presented a letter to the State Water Resources board defending the City of Stockton’s water right application for the Delta Water Supply Project. At issue is whether the City’s water diversion and treatment system will be put to full use, or sit as a partially stranded asset, harming Stockton’s water quality, especially in environmental justice (“disadvantaged”) communities.The letter concludes…“Finally, forcing the City of Stockton to accept its water diversion and treatment system as a partially stranded asset would be discriminatory. Stockton is home to a large environmental justice (or “disadvantaged”) community, and can ill afford to have its municipal water system be the [...]

Delta Flows 11/8/21: Pondering Mysteries in California Water Management

Mysterious Term Sheet A recent letter from Friant Water Authority to Secretary Crowfoot and Secretary Blumenfeld, responding to the State’s request to provide “red flag” comments on the October 18, 2021 Draft Memorandum of Understanding Advancing a Term Sheet for the Voluntary Agreements to Update and Implement the Bay Delta Water Quality Control Plan, and Other Related Actions (Term Sheet) and related appendices by October 29, contains mystery. Friant’s letter raises multiple concerns about costs, water supply, conflict with the San Joaquin River Restoration Program, and the need for federal legislation to force Central Valley Project contractors to pay their fair share. It most notably states that with respect to the litigation over the 2019 Trump Biological Opinions and negotiations over interim operations “dismissing [...]

Water Coalition Thanks Governor for Reviving Bay-Delta Plan; Asks for end of Sacramento River VA process as well

For Immediate Release: 11/5/21Contact:Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla, Restore the Delta, 209-479-2053, [email protected] Sacramento, CA – A coalition of tribal, fishing, conservation, and environmental justice groups sent a letter to Governor Newsom late Thursday thanking him for abandoning the failed Voluntary Agreements process in the San Joaquin River watershed. The groups asked the governor to also end the Sacramento River voluntary agreement process and to include environmental justice and tribal organizations in all future processes to determine water flows in California. Here is the letter in its entirety. November 4, 2021Re: Voluntary Agreements and Delta/Tribal Environmental Justice Communities(click for pdf w/signatories) Dear Governor Newsom:  We, the signatories on this letter, wish to express our gratitude for the recent letter sent by Secretary Crowfoot and Secretary Blumenfeld [...]

ICYMI: Watch our Dine & Learn webinar on Carbon Sequestration in the Delta!

Did you miss the live webinar on Thursday? No worries! Watch Restore the Delta’s first virtual session in our Dine & Learn series on Carbon Sequestration in the Delta here.Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory scientists, Briana Schmidt and George Peridas have collectively spent decades studying the technologies involved and will be providing an overview of how they work, the science behind them, their risks and benefits, and how Delta residents and communities can evaluate proposed projects. Speakers include Tom Zuckerman (Delta farmer and water expert), Matt Holmes (Environmental Justice Director, Little Manila Rising), Briana Schmidt (Scientist, Lawrence Livermore National Lab), and George Peridas (Scientist, Lawrence Livermore National Lab). Note from RTD: This webinar was not an endorsement of the project, but an opportunity [...]

Delta Flows: The Delta Conveyance Project, From Bad to Worse

We didn’t think it could be possible – that the change from twin tunnels to a single tunnel could net a Delta Conveyance Project that is even worse for the Delta than California WaterFix.  But alas, the Newsom Administration’s rogue agency, the Department of Water Resources, has managed to take a bad idea and make it even worse. Before we share details of a recent coalition letter explicating how the Delta Conveyance Project fails in the present, let’s linger for a moment on why DWR is a rogue department in California government.While other boards, agencies, commissions, and government entities, in an attempt to improve equity in outreach are expanding who they bring to the table to deal with Delta planning issues [...]

10/17 Sunday Roundup: Address changes, TikTok, Trump’s Biological Opinion, and Carbon Sequestration

Update your address books!We know, we know. Another address change? We are now at 515 E Main St, Stockton, CA 95202.This time our address has changed as Via Ventures has moved next door.Since closing our permanent office due to COVID-19 last summer, we use Via as our safe and secure mailing service. They have expanded their office space and we are thrilled for them, but this means another address change for us.Don’t worry – this is the last one for a while. ;) Check our latest TikTok on water qualityOur Climate Water Advocates Gloria and Darius have been busy testing water quality and making TikToks to share with our followers. They went out with our partners at San Francisco Baykeeper and [...]

Delta Flows: DWR’s inability to take one solid action to protect the Delta

By: Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla The Department of Water Resources continues to fail in its management of the San Francisco Bay-Delta estuary. From its creation of a long-term water export operations plan based on the inaccurate fake corrupted Trump biological opinions written by former Westlands’ lobbyists, (now being rewritten by Federal agencies), to the voluntary agreements that will short the Delta of even more freshwater flows, to a new version of the Delta tunnel that will list major impacts as outside the project footprint for expediency, DWR consistently fails to put Delta health or communities first. Case in point: DWR is pursuing an effort to leave the saltwater barrier in place this fall.  Even though the current permit requires complete removal of the [...]