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ICYMI – Delta Water Exports 10/21/2019

Precious Delta waters growing food that rots…California Families Are Hungry While a Third of Crops Rot in Fields – KQED 10/18/19 The Sanchez family is among the 22% of people in Fresno County who couldn’t afford the groceries they needed in the past year. Fresno ranks third in the country for food insecurity, according to the Food Research and Action Center. At the same time, the county leads the nation in agricultural production. A new study from Santa Clara University revealed that a whopping one-third of the hand-picked crops grown in the state are left to rot in the field. Exports continue to harm native fish species…San Francisco Estuary health report offers mixed review – Marin Independent-Journal 10/21/19 “To me there are two messages about [...]

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ICYMI – On Resnick “Philanthropy” and Newsom’s Coming Water Challenges

Column: Resnicks set a record with Caltech gift, but altruism isn’t the whole story – LA Times Oct. 1, 2019“Although the $750 million represents a personal gift to Caltech rather than a corporate gift from the Resnicks’ principal corporate entity, The Wonderful Company, they’re engaged through that company in some arguably unsustainable environmental practices. Caltech’s announcement made a passing reference to Wonderful Co., but sedulously avoided communicating any details of what the company actually does…“Wonderful’s almond and pistachio trees are among the thirstiest crops in California, where the availability of water is likely to shrink as a result of climate change. “And the Resnicks’ control over a key supply of water could make it difficult for anyone to craft a statewide water policy that weighs [...]

ICYMI – “On the Public Record” takes on Voluntary Settlement Agreements

If you follow California water politics, you eagerly await the latest blog posts from the mysterious blogger, On The Public Record. This anonymous expert obviously has decades in this field and has a perfect record for calling BS. Worth a bookmark in your browser. Here are the latest OTPR posts that bring us up to date. The opportunity costs of the VSAs.OTPR – September 20, 2019“The VSA’s could well cost him his first two years of water policy, for no gain. It is now looking very likely that we will see a Democratic president, who will surely return to Obama-era protections or more stringent. If the VSA’s aren’t do-able a year from now under a Democratic federal administration, Governor Newsom will have [...]

ICYMI – Gov. Newsom and SB1 Edition

Governor Newsom has released a statement saying he will veto SB1. We need you to call him today, and repeatedly, until further notice. It is time to let him know that you expect him to do the right thing for the Delta, and California’s water future.Here is how to contact the Governor:His office’s phone number is (916) 445-2841.If you are unable to call, you can email his office here. Here is what California newspapers and blogs think about Governor Newsom’s opposition to SB1.A bad look for the Newsom Administration – On the public record 9/16/19“Frankly, the Newsom administration is two strikes down (Marcus, SB1) and have lost the benefit of the doubt.  They’re going to need a heavily enviro resilience portfolio if they want to be considered [...]

Restore the Delta asks for Governor’s Signature of SB1

For Immediate Release: September 16, 2019Contact:Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla, Restore the Delta, 209-479-2053, [email protected] Stockton, CA – The politics surrounding SB1 are as murky as Delta water in late September.But there is a clear story illuminated by an article today by LA Time’s veteran Sacramento-observer George Skelton. Senate leader Toni Atkins (D-San Diego) has shown great courage in “standing up to a powerful new governor of her own party.”In defying Newsom, she tried to protect California from Trump — and showed how legislating should work – Los Angeles Times 9/16/19 While Governor Newsom has vowed to veto this bill, San Francisco Bay-Delta advocates today asked him to reconsider. Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla, executive director of Restore the Delta said: “We have spent 2019 working to be the [...]

URGENT: Call Governor Newsom NOW!

Dear Restore the Delta Members, Governor Newsom has released a statement saying he will veto SB1. We need you to call him today, and repeatedly, until further notice. It is time to let him know that you expect him to do the right thing for the Delta, and California’s water future.As LA Times columnist George Skelton summarizes in today’s column:“…Newsom exercised his gubernatorial power by announcing he’ll veto Atkins’ bill — siding with the Trump administration, San Joaquin Valley farming interests and the influential Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), long an ally of valley agriculture, also adamantly opposed the bill.”  If Governor Newsom continues to echo the talking points of water contractors and vetoes SB1, he will allow Delta fisheries [...]

Action Alert for SB1! Call now!

SB1 Call Today – Keep at it through Friday!  Restore the Delta has confirmed that the problematic language interfering with Delta levee repairs has been removed from SB1. A new version of the bill can be found here.Language in the bill around the biological opinions has been made even clearer for new science to be considered for managing species.  That allows flexibility based on facts that is fair to competing water interests throughout the State.  Sadly, even though Metropolitan Water District complained that there was not enough flexibility in the bill (so this was fixed), they now seem to be complaining about the Central Valley Project/California ESA protections that are essential to the bill.The important language in the bill around CVP/CESA protections is fully [...]

SB1 Needed Time-Out

As our followers know, Restore the Delta has been busy supporting SB 1 with protections for Delta species. And we continue to support these goals and the   full bill as it was initially written. However, there are new complications.  Parties with good intentions worked to add strong clean water rules, which we tend to favor as an organization. But these rules are strongly opposed by the Central Valley Flood Control Association because they will interfere with needed dredging and excavating for flood control measures.  We also favor and argue for good flood control measures for protection of human life, climate change mitigation, and ironically water quality protection. (Flood events are not good for water quality.) We understand that this issue needs [...]

TAKE ACTION for Delta Species and Communities! Tell your State Legislators to Support SB1 (2019)

Dear Restore the Delta Members — Westlands Water District, Metropolitan Water District, and the State Water Contractors are working to stop SB1 in favor of new Federal water rules for operating California’s water system in a way that would gut endangered species protections and allow for more Delta pumping.Endangered species protections, in addition to protecting salmon, other fisheries, and the wildlife we treasure in the Delta, also protect our water quality from over pumping. This is why we are calling on Assemblymembers, State Senators, and Governor Newsom to support SB1. Tell them to support endangered species protections, and to NOT support a watered down version of SB1 that would allow for more pumping from the San Francisco Bay-Delta estuary. Federal water contractors are pushing a weakened version of the bill [...]