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ICYMI 4/15/21: Environmental Justice for Stockton and Biden’s Infrastructure Plan (Reuters)

RTD note: Little Manila Rising was part of the Stockton Environmental Justice initiative. They have become leaders on air quality in the Delta. We are so very happy to share this national story on their behalf. How computer mapping could help Biden find and fix polluted neighborhoods – Reuters (w/video) 4/13/21Diagnosed with asthma at 8 years old, Karlaine Francisco grew up thinking everyone had it.Her friends in south Stockton, California, also carried inhalers and suffered coughing and wheezing fits. “I would tell people, ‘Oh yeah, I have asthma,’” said Francisco, now a 17-year-old high school senior. “And then, my friend would be like, ‘Yeah, I have asthma too.’”After California began making environmental data available through an online mapping tool, Francisco and others in her [...]

Delta Flows: Recall Politics? No Thanks. The SF Bay-Delta keeps losing either way

Today’s blog breaks my heart. Why? Because Restore the Delta is focused on water quality issues, flood control issues, future planning, and training the next generation of local water experts – for that is where hope exists.  We are focused on the future because in some ways we have become very cynical about any positive meaningful change to Delta management presently — from the lack of care at the highest levels of government to local pockets of Delta communities that will not acknowledge the deterioration of the estuary before their eyes. Our Delta faces many threats At all levels, we see leaders who want what they want from the estuary: unrestricted water exports; a destructive mega-tunnel; discharge of pollutants without regulatory oversight; delisting [...]

DELTA FLOWS 4/4/21: The Dam Problem for the Bay-Delta Estuary

Restore the Delta – Calendar Announcements1. Attention San Joaquin County Middle School, High School, and College Students and Teachers! The 5TH ANNUAL H2O HACKATHON will take place on April 17th, 2021.2. Our Living Delta: An Online Benefit for Restore the Delta Friday will be May 21st at 6:30 pm. (Details soon!)  The Dam Problem for the Bay-Delta EstuaryNatalia Barraza, Climate-Water Advocate, Restore the Delta When I was 17, my parents took us kids to Las Vegas. On our way back to Stockton, we decided to stop at the Hoover Dam. I thought it was one of the coolest places ever. I was amazed at not just its size, but also that it was divided right into the middle of two states. I [...]

Our next General Membership Meeting is 4/1 at 6 PM! Will you join us?

Grab a beer after work and some food, and join us for a Restore the Delta General Membership Meeting! DATE: Thursday April 1, 2021TIME: 6:00 PMWe will update our members on government processes, the voluntary agreements, flows, drought, flood, and the tunnel. Also you will meet some of our Climate Water Advocate team!We will answer questions and talk about what lies ahead for the estuary. Registration for this event is required. You can register here.We’ll see you there! We’ve been busy at Restore the Delta. Help us keep our programs going! To make an online contribution, click here.  Or you can print out this form and mail a check to Restore the Delta, 509 E Main St, Stockton, CA 95202. Thank you for your continued support.  

ICYMI 3/25/21: Droughts, Floods, and the Bay-Delta

New priorities needed for California’s next drought – Darius Waiters (Restore the Delta) and Brandon Dawson (Sierra Club), CalMatters 3/25/21A series of key decisions await Gov. Gavin Newsom as the state heads back into a potential drought.So this seems like the right moment to review what happened last time: Water was prioritized for big agriculture at the expense of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, endangered species and California communities. The State Water Board, in a review of the drought of 2014-15, found operations “not sustainable.”We hope Newsom will prevent a repeat of that disaster by setting new priorities for a prolonged drought: Protecting the human right to water for drinking and sanitation, protecting public health for those who live adjacent to our rivers, [...]

Delta Flows 3/19/21: Progress and Troubles

Meet the Climate Water Advocate TeamWe are pleased to introduce to our members the full Climate Water Advocacy Team now working with Restore the Delta. These young leaders, who are undergoing a six-month training course on the Delta and California water management, are reading and responding to government processes, sharing their work with others on numerous social media platforms, representing us at water and community events, and we hope will be launching a HABs water testing program later this year.Click here to meet the team. H2O Hackathon 2021After a long Covid-related delay, the H2O Hackathon is back. An event for San Joaquin County computer coders (but you don’t need to know how to code) from middle school through college, this year’s [...]

“Delta Adapts” Comments Sent by Stockton Coalition

Hello Restore the Delta Advocates!We just wanted to share with you a very impressive coalition letter that brought together some of the best thinking from Stockton’s activists.  On Tuesday March 16, 2021 Restore the Delta submitted our “Stockton Coalition Comments on Delta Adapts Vulnerability Assessment” to the Delta Stewardship Council. The goal of the Delta Adapts Draft Vulnerability Assessment is to evaluate the vulnerability of the Delta and Suisun Marsh to climate impacts through end of century. Our comments are part of the public review process to evaluate the draft assessment, especially the plans to identify areas within the Delta that are socially vulnerable to climate change impacts. We are proud of all the local people who spoke up during this process including the youth of the Restore [...]

ICYMI 3/9/21: LAT Editorial on MWD, Levee Troubles Nationwide

Editorial: Sexual misconduct at the Metropolitan Water District hints at deeper problems – 3/8/21…Environmentalists and people living and working in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta bristle at disrespect exhibited at MWD board meetings and in negotiations over projects such as the proposed tunnel to bring Sacramento River water around, rather than through, the delta on its journey south. The link between that mistreatment and the abuse of female employees was described in an extraordinary post by Restore the Delta Executive Director Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla.The Times story notes that three MWD directors who demanded an independent investigation of the sexual abuse were removed from the board.As the organization seeks a new leader and a new direction, it should acknowledge the sexual abuse that has been inappropriately tolerated [...]

Delta Flows: Immediate Threat to the Delta; Update from Climate Water Advocates

Immediate Delta Threat    By: Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla Because the Delta tunnel project has been such a long, all-consuming process/fight/project/challenge, we find that for many of our followers there is reduced bandwidth to engage with serious scenarios facing the Delta that need at times more of our attention than the tunnel. (The first round of many environmental impact reports for the tunnel and processes will commence this summer and will take years of response.) Thus, we want to redirect your attention to the immediate problem at hand: the looming drought and the real threat of excessive water exports crashing the Delta. Section 13247 of the California Water Code is the provision of state law that requires the State Water Resources Control Board and [...]

ICYMI 3/3/21: Met’s Mess, New Drought? Water Debt

Will major scandal at Metropolitan Water District save Delta communities from the tunnel? – Sacramento News and Review 3/2/21Now, MWD’s leadership is facing calls for audits and investigations into its work culture from state assembly members, the president of the Los Angeles City Council and a major public employee union. The results of such probes could affect exactly how intact the utility is when it heads into its final gambit to build the tunnel…One of the many voices MWD’s leadership ignored that day was Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla of Restore the Delta. Barrigan-Parrilla has been appearing before MWD’s board for years on behalf of conservationists. After the LA Times story broke, she wrote a lengthy essay about her own observations. California’s wet season nears an end [...]