Restore the Delta’s mission is to ensure the health of the San Francisco Bay-Delta estuary and Delta communities.

Restore the Delta works in the areas of public education and outreach so that all Californians recognize the Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay Delta as part of California’s natural heritage, deserving of restoration.

Restore the Delta is a grassroots campaign of residents and organizations committed to restoring the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta so that fisheries, communities, and family farming can thrive there together again; so that water quality is protected for all communities, particularly environmental justice communities; and so that Delta environmental justice communities are protected from flood and drought impacts resulting from climate change while gaining improved public access to clean waterways. Ultimately our goal is to connect communities to our area rivers and to empower communities to become the guardians of the estuary through participation in government planning and waterway monitoring.

We fight for a Delta with waters that are fishable, swimmable, and drinkable as described in the Clean Water Act in order to support the health of the estuary, San Francisco Bay, and the ocean beyond. Restore the Delta envisions the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta as a place where a vibrant local economy, tourism, recreation, farming, wildlife, and fisheries thrive as a result of resident efforts to protect our waterway commons. We envision improvements in the Delta as great opportunities for environmental justice communities to gain greater equity in decision making and to share in the benefits from area natural resources management.

Based in the Delta, California, Restore the Delta has worked since 2006 in the areas of public education and outreach and has grown to 75,000 members from throughout California. Restore the Delta advocates for local Delta stakeholders to ensure that they have a direct impact on water management decisions affecting the well-being of their communities, and water sustainability policies for all Californians.

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