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ICYMI 8/10/22 Aridification Impacts being felt in the Bay-Delta

Two Bay-Delta stories on the same day show an estuary in crisis. 
Lack of freshwater flow is the cause.

In dry California, salty water creeps into key waterways – AP 8/8/22
They may be close by, but these two rivers, central arms of California’s water system, have become too salty to use in some places as the state’s punishing drought drags on.
In dry winters like the one California just had, less fresh water flows down from the mountains into the Sacramento River, the state’s largest. That allows saltier water from Pacific Ocean tides to push farther into the state’s main water hub, known as the Delta. It helps supply water to two-thirds of the state’s 39 million people and to farms that grow fruits and vegetables for the whole nation, playing a key but sometimes underappreciated role in the state’s economy.
Water tests show what’s causing the Oakland Estuary to be muddy brown and slimy green (VIDEO) –  KTVU 2 8/8/22
People and pets are urged to stay out of the Oakland Estuary and away from Alameda’s shoreline after potentially harmful algae blooms were discovered, following several water tests.
For weeks, the water has looked muddy and murky, prompting those who live on or near the water to question the unusual, dark brown color.
“It’s so thick, it looks like just when you’re stirring up your hot chocolate or something,” said Michael West who lives on the Oakland Estuary. “Whatever it is, you wouldn’t want to find it in your refrigerator.”

And a tunnel hurdle…

Old issue plagues Newsom’s Delta tunnel project – CalMatters 8/7/22
“The less aggressive approach on increasing Delta flows means that as Newsom tries to make his “Delta Conveyance” a reality, he’s likely to face very stiff opposition from environmental groups which contend that the tunnel would worsen the already paltry runs of salmon and other fish.
“It’s very doubtful that the project can become reality without resolving the long-running conflict.”