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Delta Flows 3/19/21: Progress and Troubles

Meet the Climate Water Advocate Team
We are pleased to introduce to our members the full Climate Water Advocacy Team now working with Restore the Delta. These young leaders, who are undergoing a six-month training course on the Delta and California water management, are reading and responding to government processes, sharing their work with others on numerous social media platforms, representing us at water and community events, and we hope will be launching a HABs water testing program later this year.

Click here to meet the team.
H2O Hackathon 2021
After a long Covid-related delay, the H2O Hackathon is back. An event for San Joaquin County computer coders (but you don’t need to know how to code) from middle school through college, this year’s event will be virtual. A number of our partners including the San Joaquin Office of Education, CalWater, iHUB San Joaquin, State Water Resources Control Board, and the SF Estuary Institute are busy getting ready for the April 17th event.

To learn how youth teams can register and possibly win a $5000 first prize for the best water-related app development click here.
Restore the Delta General Membership Zoom Meeting
On April 1st at 6 pm, we are hosting a General Membership Meeting. We will be sending out details and the agenda in the weeks to come! We will be giving updates on government processes, the voluntary agreements, flows, drought, flood, and the tunnel. Registration for this event is required. You can register here. We look forward to seeing you!
Metropolitan Water District Troubles Continue
Another tragic account of the innerworkings of Metropolitan Water District has been published by the Los Angeles Times. The sorrow and loss experienced by those involved as a result of careless MWD management is painful to read and observe. We believe the largest water district in California needs extensive and sweeping reform from top to bottom, and that the era of MWD management that reads like a Frank Norris novel must come to an end – for the sake of everyone in California.
Remembering the History of Asian Americans in the Delta
Recent attacks on Asian elders in the Bay Area, across the nation, and most recently with the shootings in Georgia bring to mind for us the detailed history that historian Phillip Merlo presented this summer on communities of color in the Delta. His documented retelling of the racism experienced by Asian communities locally is important for all to understand, so we can shape a better future for our communities.
As we stand in solidarity with the thousands of organizations calling for an end to the attacks and racism against the Asian American community, we also reflect on our local history and remain dedicated to pursuing water policies that bring dignity, recognition, respect and equity to all groups that have contributed to the health and wealth of our region. Our hearts, love, and light are with the Asian American community during these difficult days.