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ICYMI 1/11/21 — Smelt Extinction and Westlands Land Sale …and commentary from Restore the Delta

2021: Is this the year that wild delta smelt become extinct? – CA Water Blog
“The program to net adult delta smelt for captive brood stock caught just one smelt in over 151 tries. All signs point to the Delta smelt as disappearing from the wild this year, or, perhaps, 2022.”

Schuil & Associates, Inc. and New Current Water and Land, LLC Collaborate to Counsel Investors on Land Purchases in Westlands Water District – PR Newswire
“It is important that those interested in purchasing farmland in California, particularly on the Central Valley’s Westside, be provided excellent counsel on water issues,” said Marc Schuil, Principal and Agent, Schuil & Associates. “With our relationship with New Current Water and Land and their decades of water experience, we are better able to help clients navigate this critically-important sector.”

Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla, Executive Director, Restore the Delta:
“When are Federal and State regulators going to end this madness?
We are on the verge of permanently losing the Delta’s canary in the gold mine, the Delta smelt. Meanwhile, Westlands continues to hype farming on dry land with Delta water. Governor Newsom should understand that all his climate change programs will become meaningless if he fails to get serious about water availability and planning.”