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Happy Holidays! Help us continue our work in 2021.

Dear Restore the Delta Friends,

We wish you a Merry Christmas! Joyous holidays!  A solstice full of light and love. We hope families had a Happy Hanukkah. We wish other families a Happy Kwanzaa!  And most of all, we wish everyone good health, peace, prosperity and love in 2021. 

We embrace joy, celebration, and appreciation in our lives for all that we do have, for what we can build on, for each other, for our region, and for our home.

We want to say thank you to everyone who has been responding to our appeals for financial contributions. We are grateful for your generosity during these difficult times, and for your unwavering confidence in our work. 

We are not fully out of the difficult financial woods yet. We are being awarded one grant for specific programmatic work with Delta area youth; another major programmatic grant is pending. We still need to fill up our general fund coffers so that we can continue to work in government processes and in advocacy to protect the Delta’s future without programmatic restraints.

The team at Restore the Delta works with heart and intellect to advocate for the best policies for the restoration of the estuary and for the physical and economic protection of the region’s people. 

The pandemic cannot become the excuse for robbing the estuary of its water, building the Delta tunnel, or leaving vulnerable communities to flood. With attempts at a water grab during the lame duck session of Congress, continue pressure from water contractors for voluntary agreements to lessen Delta flows, and tunnel planning, 2021 will require sharp advocacy and representation for Delta communities.

We hope that you can make a year-end contribution to help us continue with our advocacy for clean water, water quantity, and replacing bad Delta projects with good ones.

We wish you all good health.  Be safe; and celebrate in a way that keeps everyone in your family healthy for many more holidays to come.

With warmest wishes,

Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla and the Restore the Delta Team