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ICYMI – George Miller Speaks, COVID19 and the Delta

This weekend, California’s environmental hero Congressman George Miller (ret.) explains what a coherent policy for California Water including dealing with Harmful Algal Blooms in the Delta and a flood plan for Stockton.

What Gov. Gavin Newsom needs to do to protect state’s water future – George Miller, SF Chronicle

“Today, responding to a global pandemic is every governor’s top priority. When we emerge from this crisis, Gov. Gavin Newsom will face a challenge to ensure California’s future economic and environmental health. In this context, his water policies will represent critical decisions….

“The governor’s suit to block that plan is a good first step. The governor should now direct the state water board to set strong flow standards for the bay-delta ecosystem, protecting salmon, endangered species and the largest estuary on the West Coast. Then he must ensure that the Central Valley Project, which is run by a Trump appointee, obeys those state standards. California must never join the Trump administration’s environmental race to the bottom.”

COVID19 and the Delta

While we normally encourage tourists to visit the Delta, the opposite is true right now during the COVID19 pandemic. Considering the average age of locals in the Delta is 49-years-old, the rural Delta is a vulnerable community. Please don’t come sightseeing right now. 

We are hearing reports of families getting food and picnicking in Clarksburg and folks hanging around the store and restaurants and not leaving. Kids from the Bay Area are playing on school playground equipment. 

Mixing our regional germs and viruses is not smart during our statewide “Shelter In Place” order. Please think about the residents of rural California who do not have immediate access to large health care institutions that city people enjoy. 

Shelter In Place is working. Bay Area hospitals are reporting a flattening of the curve. Keep social distancing until the crisis is really over. 

Stay Safe, Stay Home, California.