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ICYMI – Sunday Morning Roundup 11/10/19

Interior nears a contract with a company its secretary used to lobby for – Roll Call 11/8/19 

“California has a limited water resource and water is going to become more and more scarce with climate change. Westlands Water District has used its outsized influence with Secretary Bernhardt to jump over other people to acquire water rights and guarantees that they shouldn’t get like this,” said Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla, executive director of California water conservation group Restore the Delta. “Bernhardt is like Santa Claus, handing out goodies to his former client.”  

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Watch our new video: Harmful Algal Blooms in the SF Bay-Delta Estuary: Causes and Solutions.

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Let’s end this list with some good news. People and fisheries win this round.

Big California water agency steps back from Shasta expansion. Environmentalists still worry – Sacramento Bee 11/8/19

“The nation’s largest water agency signed an agreement that legally bars it from participating in a controversial plan to raise Shasta Dam, a move applauded by environmental groups that fiercely opposed the proposal out of fears enlarging the state’s biggest reservoir would swamp a stretch of a protected Northern California river and flood sites sacred to a Native American tribe.”

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