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ICYMI – On Resnick “Philanthropy” and Newsom’s Coming Water Challenges

Column: Resnicks set a record with Caltech gift, but altruism isn’t the whole story – LA Times Oct. 1, 2019

Although the $750 million represents a personal gift to Caltech rather than a corporate gift from the Resnicks’ principal corporate entity, The Wonderful Company, they’re engaged through that company in some arguably unsustainable environmental practices. Caltech’s announcement made a passing reference to Wonderful Co., but sedulously avoided communicating any details of what the company actually does…
“Wonderful’s almond and pistachio trees are among the thirstiest crops in California, where the availability of water is likely to shrink as a result of climate change. 
“And the Resnicks’ control over a key supply of water could make it difficult for anyone to craft a statewide water policy that weighs their needs against those of other users.”

Restore the Delta says:
“This gift is one of the largest transfers of wealth in the history of the United States. The $750 million was created from water exports from the SF Bay-Delta estuary, a public trust resource in peril, and the underpaid labor of San Joaquin Valley farmworkers.”

Newsom Admin Faces Difficult Tests on CA Water this Fall 
– Doug Obegi, NRDC

“We’ll be watching to see how the Newsom Administration responds to these upcoming tests of sustainable water management, and whether the State stands up to the Trump Administration and its allies in their efforts to rollback protections on California water issues. And if the Newsom Administration doesn’t pass these tests, we’ll hold them accountable and make sure that California’s rivers, salmon and wildlife are protected for future generations to cherish.”