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In Case You Missed It Recent California Water News – 1/28/2019

In Case You Missed It

Recent California Water News


Water district weighs raising taxes or raising water bills – Mountain View Voice 1/24/19

The water district is looking for more money to pay for its share of the controversial California WaterFix, a $16.7 billion state project that would build two 40-foot-wide tunnels from Sacramento to Tracy. Water district board members agreed in May last year to be a partner agency in the project, which was estimated to cost the district $650 million.

Restore the Delta Comment:

“A number of permits are still needed to begin tunnels construction, financing is not in place, litigation is unfolding, the project now costs $19.8 billion, and only 10 percent of the design is completed, but the tax increases and water rate hikes are already starting for Santa Clara Valley Water District ratepayers to pay for the project.  We told their board repeatedly that this is what would happen. They told us the tunnels would bring water supply reliability, and they would decrease dependence on the Delta.  But instead they are suing for more Delta water while pushing through rate and tax increases.”

Fugro awarded geotechnical investigation for Delta Tunnels, even though project hasn’t been approved – Daily Kos – 1/27/19

Dan Bacher writes in regard to California WaterFix: “The Delta Conveyance Design and Construction Authority (DCDCA) has awarded the geotechnical investigation to Fugro and selected Jacobs as engineering design manager even though the State Water Resources Control Board has not yet approved the petitions by the Department of Water of Resources and U.S. Bureau of Reclamation to change the point of diversion, a requirement for the project to be constructed.”

Restore the Delta Comment:

“California WaterFix still needs well over a dozen permits in order for construction to commence. Yet, the WaterFix JPAs are handing out $75 million contracts, and JPA members, like Santa Clara Valley Water District are looking at raising property taxes and water rates for their customers.  The question is, how can such contracting be legal for a project that is not properly permitted?”

Mathis announces bipartisan bill to solve state’s water crisis without raising taxes – The Porterville Recorder

“Assemblyman Devon Mathis (R-Visalia) Thursday announced the introduction of a bipartisan amendment to the California Constitution to dedicate two percent of the state’s general fund budget to rebuilding and enhancing the state’s water infrastructure.”

Restore the Delta Comment:

“A small drinking water tax of $1-$2 a month, as proposed by Governor Newsom, to ensure that communities in need have proper drinking water treatment makes sense to us as part of a California water solution package. Such a tax would support the enactment of the Human Right to Water, part of California law. We believe the world’s fifth largest economy should ensure that all its people have safe, clean drinking water. We want that for all our neighbors in the San Joaquin Valley.

An alternative bill introduced by Assemblymember Devon Mathis, however, cuts out funding from the general fund for water infrastructure projects, and is ripe for misuse by special interests, including funding the Delta tunnels. We support a small tax specifically directed to help communities in need of improved water systems; we don’t support setting the stage for Delta tunnels construction, or other water projects that are not climate change resilient.”

Contact: Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla, Restore the Delta, 209-473-2053

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