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WEEKEND ACTION ALERT:   Santa Clara County, It’s time to call Mayor Liccardo and submit your comments to the SCVWD board of directors


Santa Clara County, It’s time to call Mayor Liccardo and submit your comments to the SCVWD board of directors

With the Santa Clara Valley Water District office closed Saturday and Sunday, the best way to fight the tunnels this weekend is by calling the office of Mayor Sam Liccardo and by emailing the board a comment to be included into the record of the SCVWD’s vote rescheduled for May 8 at 9:30am.

Here’s how to leave a message at Mayor Liccardo’s office:

  • Call Mayor Liccardo’s office at (408) 535-4800.
  • Leave a short and sweet message, explaining that you oppose the Delta Tunnels project, and it does not make sense for Santa Clara County. It is also just as important to convey that you are disappointed by Mayor Liccardo’s support of the twin tunnels.
  • When leaving a voicemail, make sure to state your first and last name, your city of residence and zip code.

Mayor Liccardo is up for re-election this year. If you are one of his constituents, consider expressing that San Jose needs a mayor that supports progressive water management policies. San Jose can be a climate leader by creating a sustainable, self-sufficient water supply with alternative projects that create local jobs and protect the integrity of the Bay-Delta ecosystem. If you do not live in San Jose but are a Bay Area or Delta resident, explain that our communities are tied together by the Delta watershed. 

Here’s how to submit your comment to the SCVWD board via email:

  • Write a short and sweet comment explaining why you oppose the Delta tunnels and why it does not make sense for Santa Clara County
  • Make sure your comment includes your name, city of residence, zip code, and board representative (see below for how to find out which board member represents your neighborhood). Indicate that you would like your comment added into the record.
  • Submit your comment to [email protected] via email

How to find your SCVWD board representative:

  • Go to the SCVWD zone map
  • In the top right-hand corner, enter your address. When the map zooms in to pinpoint your location, click once on the color block and it will display the name of your board representative.

Any board members with future political ambitions should know how the public feels about the project. In particular please weigh in with Director Keegan, Director Kremen, and Director Estremera.

It is important to note that Directors Estremera, Kremen, Varela, and LeZotte are up for re-election this year.
Please keep your remarks professional and courteous. We passionately disagree on the project, but we respect all our neighbors. We are in the moral right regarding the tunnels, and we need to conduct ourselves in accordance with our morally-centered position.

Thank you for your continued advocacy.

Yours in Service,

Restore the Delta


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