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BAY AREA: Stand Up Against the Tunnels at Santa Clara Valley Water District May 2nd

Stand Up Against the Tunnels at Santa Clara Valley Water District May 2nd

WHO: Delta advocates, representatives from environmental and public interest groups including Restore the Delta, and Santa Clara Valley Water District board of directors

WHAT: Special Board Meeting on California WaterFix

WHERE: Santa Clara Valley Water District, 5750 Almaden Expressway, San Jose, CA 95118

WHEN: Wednesday, May 2nd at 5PM

With Metropolitan Water District’s big vote to cut a “blank check” for the twin tunnels behind us, the attention now shifts to Santa Clara Valley Water District who have remained tight-lipped about the tunnels project in the months following their October vote to reject the twin tunnels. On Friday, April 27 the Mercury News reported that Santa Clara Valley Water District will revisit their vote on the twin tunnels now that MWD has increased their cost share of the project.

There are two important takeaways in this story, aside from the announcement of the Wednesday vote:

1. “‘…Santa Clara’s renewed interest is at the same time that the governor’s water commission has just determined that Santa Clara is eligible to receive $485 million to build a new dam,’ said Jonas Minton, senior water policy adviser at the Planning and Conservation League, a Sacramento environmental group. ‘Because all of these discussions have been behind closed doors, there’s no way to confirm the suspicion that this was a back-room deal.'”

2. Rogers notes that Santa Clara County will face increased property taxes under a prop 13 loophole, noting, “In a staff report, Garth Hall, deputy director of the water district, said the project would raise the water rates of customers in the urban areas of northern Santa Clara County by up to $10.26 a month by 2033, when the tunnels would begin operations, and $4.47 a month in the southern part of the county.”

That’s why we need as many San Francisco Bay-Delta advocates to attend the special meeting to voice their opposition to the project, and explain why a partnership with Metropolitan is a bad idea for Santa Clara Valley Water District. Those planning to attend should prepare a 2-3-minute statement to address the board with their concerns regarding the Delta Tunnels. 

If you cannot attend the meeting to deliver a comment in person, you can submit a comment to [email protected] via email. Please include in your email that you would like your comment to be entered into the record.

Thank you for your unwavering support and commitment to our precious Delta. We hope to see you in San Jose on May 2.

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  • Keith McNeal
    April 29, 2018, 7:58 am

    I am a long term resident of Santa Clara County and San Jose and I do not support the tunnels.
    There are better ways to deal with our water concerns and we need to investigate those and not ruin the Delta ecosystems.
    I vote.

  • Elida Alvarez
    May 1, 2018, 10:54 am

    The environmental costs of this project are too much. Our wildlife should not have to pay for our southern neighbors sprawling!