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Alerts: We’ve got Metropolitan Water District on the run!

Last weekend, Restore the Delta hosted and organized a successful event in Spanish with Univision and Food and Water Watch for the Latino community in East Los Angeles. We gave facts to the audience in Spanish about why the project is a bad idea for the Delta and for Metropolitan Water District (MWD) ratepayers. Like other audiences we have given presentations to about the Tunnels, they understood.

Metropolitan Water District was so threatened by Restore the Delta participating in a Spanish water event that their outreach person went so far as to contact individual Metropolitan Water District Board members with mis-statements about our presentation.
We have nothing to hide and would welcome the opportunity to debate their staff at a forum in Southern California.  We would be happy to debate in English/Spanish or other language about how the tunnels will destroy Delta fisheries, communities, and farms, and how the environmental justice community in Southern California will be stuck with the bill.
Recent e-mails by MWD discussing our event indicate "we've got them on the run." We are thankful to those who have recently donated. If you have not, please make a donation to support our work and keep us going in Southern California.  We need the assistance. 
Thank you for your ongoing support!

In case you missed it…
A political cartoon that says it all in the San Francisco Chronicle!

TV alert: Tune in to National Geographic at 9/8 c for an expose documentary on the Resnicks tomorrow Synopsis: In California's convoluted water system, water barons find ways to structure a state-engineered system to their own advantage. This examination shows how small farmers and everyday citizens are facing the drought and a new, debilitating water crisis. More information

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