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Media Alerts: Dams Are Crumbling, Is There Room for the Tunnels Project?

The questions we've been asking since the Oroville Dam catastrophe are now being asked by major news outlets. Here are some great stories you might've missed this week!
TOMORROW, make sure to catch our policy analyst and recent published author Tim Stroshane LIVE tomorrow at 1 p.m. Link for the stream is here. Topics to be discussed may include his work with Restore the Delta and his latest book, "Drought, Water Law, and the Origins of the Central Valley Project."
Media alerts of interest:
Capitol Weekly is asking, "Is there room now for Gov. Jerry Brown’s heart’s desire — the $15.5 billion twin tunnels project?" Read the article, "Money, politics and the twin tunnels."

"Perhaps out of fear of offending the governor, few California policymakers seem eager to comment on the fact that, even with its relatively specialized funding, the twin tunnels may be in trouble because of the pressure of statewide needs."

Part of 1 of a series on our infrastructure, E&E News, "Risks soar, bills come due as 20th-century dams crumble" is also a great read about the current status and history of our dams, click here to read the article.

Environmentalists would prefer other water-storage projects and say Republicans and the Trump administration would be wasting their time on new projects.
"We spend all this time and political capital on them when our existing infrastructure is crumbling," said Democratic Rep. Jared Huffman of Northern California.
Oroville, he said, should snap that cycle.
"If that's not a perfect wake-up call," Huffman said, "then people aren't paying attention."



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