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SF Chronicle: State releases report on disputed twin tunnels water plan

In case you missed it…
San Francisco Chronicle
State releases report on disputed twin tunnels water plan
By Peter Fimrite
December 22, 2016
Read at SF Chronicle


The analysis, a snooze-inducing tome roughly equivalent in size to 66 Bibles, judges a project that remains at least a year away from final approval. Nevertheless, it generated a fresh batch of criticism from environmentalists, who insist the tunnels would devastate the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta by depriving it of its most critical ingredient — fresh water.


“There are just absolute gross deficiencies in the document,” said Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla, the executive director of the environmental group Restore the Delta. “It’s certainly not over. We’re poised to fight them every step of the way. Ultimately we will win because this project is just too flawed.”

“They want to take the good water out of the delta and leave major metropolitan areas here with the bad water,” Barrigan-Parrilla said. “It’s a case of water going to the highest bidder.”
Read full article with video at SF Chronicle.


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