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Weekly Updates: Delta Tunnels Hearings, Dissent Brews Over Tunnels, & More

Weekly Summary: July 29, 2016

Action Alert: Watch California WaterFix Delta Tunnels hearings In the following weeks, the evidentiary hearings will take place on the Delta Tunnels starting at 9 am. To see the schedule and link to watch live, go here and look for "California WaterFix Water Right Petition Hearing." We have been tweeting policy statementes made by various Delta Tunnel opponents as well as responses to the evidentiary hearings with Tunnel proponents, find them on our Twitter feed

KQED Forum: Listen to Restore the Delta's executive director Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla  Restore the Delta was the only Bay-Delta voice on the 1-hour "KQED Forum." Special thanks to concerned supporters and Californians who called in to ask tough questions! ” Listen here

San Francisco Chronicle: Dissent brews over governor’s $16 billion water project   "Taking water from the Sacramento River, however, raises a new set of concerns. The ubiquitous signs demanding “Stop the Tunnels” along the country roads of the delta signal rising acrimony — the counterpoint to signs farther south heralding the start of a “Dust Bowl” due to limited water deliveries.

Opponents of the tunnels worry that water draws near Hood will reduce the amount of freshwater running into the delta, where a balance between river water and salty inflows from San Francisco Bay is crucial. Both fish and farmers would suffer from poor water quality or too little water." Read article.

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