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Weekly Updates: CA Supreme Court on Delta Tunnels Land Access Case & More

Weekly Summary: July 24, 2016

Action Alert: UC Davis Course on the Delta and Facebook Live Video Update  UC Davis Extension is holding a class to educate Sacramento citizens on the Delta with an agenda of selling the public on the tunnels. We hope some of you can register for this class and share your knowledge of how this project will destroy the Delta. We will be busy at that time at the State Water Board. Full post here

DELTA TUNNELS: CA Supreme Court Rules in Farmland Access Case The California Supreme Court has reversed a Court of Appeal decision that favored Delta landowners against the California Department of Water Resources (DWR). In doing so, however, it did hand Delta landowners a limited victory by “reforming” the statute at issue. DWR had requested court orders that would allow DWR agents to enter Delta properties to conduct investigations in support of the controversial twin tunnel project. The proposed investigations included geological, biological and cultural surveys DWR said were essential for the twin tunnel project to continue. Read media release

Conservation, Fishing, Public Interest Groups Reach out to Bruce Babbitt on Delta Tunnels  Public interest groups sent a letter to Bruce Babbitt requesting a meeting to discuss A Sustainable Water Plan for California (2015) which describes “a carefully conceived modern, 21st-century Plan B.” Read media release and letter.

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