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Action Alerts: $10 Tuesday, Update on Delta Islands Purchase Petition

Dear friends, 

It's our 3rd Tuesday of March. Please remember, even with 40% of the funding for the tunnels likely off the table (due to Westlands Enron scandal), the Delta Tunnels permitting process at the State Water Board is still going on. We will be speaking in front of the Board this summer to make sure they reject permits to build the Tunnels and we have gathered 30+ groups to join us.

This Tuesday, please contribute $10. We need to reach $3,000 today to stay on track towards our $5,000 goal by the end of the month. Donate here: https://www.restorethedelta.org/tendollartuesday/

If you missed our previous e-mail, we now have a deadline for our petition to Stop the Delta Islands Purchase: on April 20th, shortly before Metropolitan Water District of SoCal's (Met) next board meeting on this deal. Met can still walk away. So far, we have collected 3,504 signatures — can you help us get 5,000 signatures by Friday by sharing with friends and making sure you signed?

Tomorrow, we will be in Livermore speaking to the Zone 7 Board and urban ratepayers of the Tri-Valley region. Join us at 7pm in 100 Canyons Parkway, Livermore, to tell the Board why we oppose the Tunnels and to ask Zone 7, how does the Board expect to pay for it without Westlands 40% contribution? 

Thank you for your support!!! 

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