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Delta Tunnels news: U.S. Reps Ask for Detailed Accounting & More

In case you missed it….

U.S. Congress members are asking for a detailed accounting of the $3.6 Million in Governor Jerry Brown’s CA Budget for the California WaterFix boondoggle tunnels plan & pointing out the broken Prop 1 promise. Read here via Maven's Notebook.

Regarding Governor Jerry Brown's claims on the Delta Tunnels at the CA Water 2.0 event yesterday, our statement is included opposite of Brown in The Sacramento BeeRead and watch Capitol Alert.

Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla, executive director of Restore the Delta, a group opposed to the plan, said viewing the recent rains as a missed opportunity to ship water south is misguided.

“How will the Delta ever recover if fresh waters are never allowed to flow through it, even in rainy seasons?” she said.


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