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Delta Tunnel news: In case you missed it 9/22/15

Restore the Delta: news of interest: 9/22/15

Insight speaks with columnist Michael Fitzgerald
Capital Public Radio; September 22, 2015
Insight speaks with columnist Michael Fitzgerald about MWD purchasing Delta Islands and Westlands deal with the Federal Government.

Two Major Water Agencies Consider Buying Delta Islands
Dale Kasler and Ryan Sabalow – The Sacramento Bee September 21, 2015
…. Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla, executive director of Restore the Delta, a coalition of environmentalists and Delta farmers, said it’s not surprising that Metropolitan, with its deeper pockets, would be more interested than Westlands in trying to acquire the islands.

Delta Islands Could Be Sold
Alex Breitler – The Stockton Record September 21, 2015
…. The discussions were brought to light by Stockton-based Restore the Delta on Monday. Executive Director Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla expressed concern over the possibility of Metropolitan or Westlands becoming significant landowners within the estuary. Both rely to a certain extent on water exported south from the ecologically struggling Delta.

Environmental Group Says SoCal Water Interests Buying Delta Land For Water Tunnels
Gene Beley – Central Valley Business Times September 21, 2015
…. The group Restore the Delta says MWD's executive committee has scheduled “what appears to be the purchase of parcels for the proposed massive Delta Tunnels project.”

Los Angeles Water Company Trying To Purchase Delta Islands
Matthias Gafni – San Jose Mercury News September 22, 2015
A giant Southern California water district is discussing the purchase of four Delta islands, including Webb and Holland tracts in Contra Costa County, in what critics say is an attempt to jump-start the controversial Delta tunnels project to send water to Los Angeles.

Westlands Water District Agreement A Retreat From Previous U.S. Plan
Betina Boxall – Los Angeles Times September 22, 2015
Five years ago, a U.S. Interior Department official outlined the terms of potential legislation to resolve a lingering battle over badly drained farmland in the Westlands Water District.

MWD, Westlands Consider Purchasing Delta Islands In Tunnels' Path
Dan Bacher – Daily Kos September 21, 2015
In the classic movie "Chinatown," Noah Cross, the villain and the head of the water district who is played by the late John Huston, says, "Either you bring the water to L.A. or you bring L.A. to the water."

How a Rich Water District Beat the Federal Government in a Secret Deal
Michael Hiltzik – Los Angeles Times September 18, 2015
Clout can be defined in many ways. In California's parched Central Valley farmlands, it's the ability to secure water.

Duped Into a Bad Water Deal
Taxpayers for Common Sense September 18, 2015
The Department of Interior did their best naive teenager impression when they negotiated a deal with Westlands Water District who channeled their inner used car salesman. Not surprisingly, Westlands got a sweet deal while DOI turned Uncle Sam into Uncle Sucker. In the end the government got little other than relieved of an empty threat, out several hundred million dollars, and promised to sell a ton of subsidized water for the next 50-100 years to a greedy group that could use it to grow crops, resell it, or whatever – all this in the midst of record drought. Wow.

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