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80 Days Until the Last Delta Tunnels Public Comment Period is Over

Dear friends, 

We have until the end of the year to make sure the Federal Government does not attempt to permit Gov. Brown's tunnels project in early 2016. This week, we will be sharing with you our upcoming public comment campaign to stop the tunnels. We will continue to push this public comment campaign out through October 30th but we need an extra financial boost to ensure that this campaign makes an impact state-wide in 80 days. 

Public and media outreach cost money. Will you help ensure that we get through this period and stop the tunnels once and for all? If you already donated, THANK YOU for helping us get one step closer to stopping the tunnels! 

This is what we accomplished last week:  

  • Last Friday, we released to the media and thousands of Californians a comparison of the Delta Tunnels and the Bay Bridge Project. There are notable similarities. Check it out: Think the Tunnels are a Good Deal? We’ve a (Bay) Bridge to Sell You
  • We spoke to 40 people at the San Mateo County Democracy for America Club and energized their leaders to join our coalition and push for more action in the Bay Area. That same day, we also spoke with the Stockton real estate business community to update them on the tunnels project status and what they can do. 
  • We are continuing to engage and attract the attention of thousands of Californians on social media by shining a spotlight on each question (per day) of the "10 Questions That Tunnel Boosters Don't Want You to Ask." 

Help us achieve more by giving us an extra financial boost before fall. We need an extra boost to handle outreach on public comments, social media, news media, and to maintain current litigation. Can you go to this button below and commit to a monthly donation? If not, can you make a one-time donation here?

Again, if all our supporters committed to $10 a month (two Starbucks drinks!), we would have the resources needed to topple the Big Special Interests.

Here's a short and sweet song that local Delta musician sang for his public comment about the Delta called "sanctuary" at the last public hearings from July 28 in Sacramento (credits to The Record). 

Thank you for your ongoing attention and dedication to stop the tunnels & save the Delta!!!

Yours in Service,
Restore the Delta 

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