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Think the Tunnels are a Good Deal? We’ve a (Bay) Bridge to Sell You

Bay Bridge Replacement vs CA Water Fix/Delta Tunnels
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  • Connie Skoog
    August 10, 2015, 5:50 pm

    I was so sorry I could not attend the meetings at the end of July, since I was out of the country. I am appalled and saddened by the way that corporations have run this ill-fated project with their money and influence. Our state government needs to tap into the best and the brightest (and we have many creative minds in California) to tackle this age-old problem, which will get worse in the next decades. If we are going to spend billions of dollars, that money should create new water through recycling and new technology. It should not be thrown into one huge project that not only will cost more than anyone can imagine at this time, but will do nothing to change the amount of water we have in California. The fact that this project will completely destroy the already-dying Delta is important, of course, but some might argue that the whole is more important than one area. They are fooling themselves. The whole will not benefit at all. Plus, the Delta is more important to the whole of California than the rest of the state realizes. The fact that most Californians are so ignorant is their fault, but it is also the fault of the press, which has done little to research the facts and reach through the bull shit. I wish we had someone as famous as Jon Stewart to bring some common sense to the voters in this state. It is almost absurd that this old idea is still being pushed down our throats. Shame on you, Jerry Brown!!!!!!!