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Media Alert: Audio from our teleconference on BDCP Implementation Process + East Bay Express article

Listen to audio from our teleconference with experts criticizing the flawed BDCP Process and Feinstein’s water bill here:

Link to download or listen in separate browser.
Relevant document: DWR Outline for Oversight of Design and Construction of tunnels

Article of Interest
East Bay Express: The Water Tunnel Boondoggle by Joaquin Palomino 5/13/14
“The potential impacts of BDCP on Byron are representative of what the plan would do to the Delta region as a whole. The tunnels would unearth a roughly 40-mile long, 150-foot deep fissure that could cut off groundwater to scores of people. Tens of thousands of acres of fertile farmland would be converted to habitat, potentially devastating the area’s economy. Highways would be completely rearranged and waterways polluted. “We will be left with an industrial eyesore,” said Barbara Barrigan-Parilla, executive director of Restore the Delta, a group adamantly opposed to BDCP. “The area would essentially become an environmental wasteland.”

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