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State Water Board sends letter to diverters of surface water

“State Water Board sends letter to diverters of surface water; warns there will be “little or no natural and abandoned flows in the Delta watershed and other stream systems” come fall “


Click on  this link to read the full letter/article from written by Maven at Maven’s Notebook — an outstanding source for what is happening in California water.

As Delta experts from local water agencies and fishing groups have been saying for years, there is a permanent shortage in the watershed that worsens during dry periods.  Why would anybody in California be in favor of building a tunnel that will cost water rate payers and tax payers $54 billion when it will regularly be empty?  And why wouldn’t a sane and rational state government not want to create water projects throughout the state that will make millions of acre feet of new water for large urban populations to protect people when droughts happen?

What will be interesting to see is if DWR  will protect the Delta and California’s rivers during this dry period or simply continue pumping as much water as it desires to send to the water takers..  If we cannot trust officials to manage this dry period, we will never be able to trust them managing the operation of the peripheral tunnels.

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