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About those alternatives to BDCP

There are now four proposals besides Peripheral Tunnels for achieving the coequal goals of ecosystem restoration and water supply reliability while protecting the Delta itself:

  • Restore the Delta proposes its “There’s a Better Solution” plan for managing the Delta.
  • The Environmental Water Caucus’s plan posits a reduction in exports and increased outflows, and also calls for Delta levee upgrades.  The Restore the Delta “There’s a Better Solution” plan, and the EWC plan are simpatico views, with the EWC plan being more detailed in specifics.
  • Dr. Robert Pyke’s Western Delta Intakes Concept (WDIC) moves the diversion point for export water to the western Delta and calls for various in-Delta modifications of the system.
  • A portfolio plan put forward by a coalition of business groups, certain urban water agencies, larger environmental groups, and local elected officials in California proposes reduced diversions in the Delta and investment in water supply improvements around the state with a smaller tunnel.

Restore the Delta favors its own platform, and by extension, the EWC plan for fixing the system we currently have so that it works for the environment, local communities, and state water needs.  But we want to see any and all alternatives to BDCP considered.  In fact, that has to happen as part of the environmental review for the project.  And we certainly won’t see a meaningful benefit-cost analysis until that analysis includes alternatives to the twin tunnels.

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