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Restore the Delta Responds to “Portfolio-Based” Single Peripheral Tunnel Proposal

Restore the Delta Responds to “Portfolio-Based”

Single Peripheral Tunnel Proposal

SACRAMENTO, CA – Restore the Delta (RTD), a coalition of farmers, fishermen, environmentalists and business owners dedicated to a fair water policy today responded to a “Portfolio-based,” single Peripheral Tunnel alternative proposal to Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP).

“RTD welcomes the thoughtful effort, diligence and care for the environment that went into the ‘Portfolio-based’ proposal,” said Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla, Executive Director of RTD.  “Restore the Delta believes that all suggested alternatives to the BDCP should be on the table and studied thoroughly.  And where we find ideas in these other proposals that we agree with, like developing water self-sufficiency for other parts of California, we will be supportive. We look forward to working with all interested parties to find a fair, sustainable solution to the water issues.

“The question with the portfolio-based alternative to the BDCP is, ‘why would water contractors pay for a tunnel that would deliver less water?’  Their agencies cannot afford it.  There is already doubt that they can afford to pay for the currently proposed tunnels, which would deliver between 4.5 and 6 million acre feet of water. 

“We maintain that the best way to restore the Delta is to improve levees to the highest standard, to add habitat to those wide upgraded levees, to restore flows in and through the Delta, to screen the existing pumps properly, in addition to promoting regional self-sufficiency for water development in other parts of the state. If the existing pumps at Tracy remain in use, and a 3000 cfs tunnel is added at Hood, the total export capacity from the Delta would remain at 6 million acre feet.  You cannot restore the Delta by taking that much water out of it.”

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