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Sacramento County landowners prevail against DWR

In Sacramento Superior Court last week, eighteen Sacramento County landowners represented by attorney Thomas Keeling prevailed in a case challenging the attempt by the Department of Water Resources (DWR) to access private property for exploratory drilling to collect data for the Peripheral Tunnels.

Superior Courts in San Joaquin and Contra Costa counties have already ruled in favor of Delta landowners under the same arguments presented in this case, but the Sacramento County group of landowners was the largest. Still remaining is the case brought by one landowner in Yolo County.

Says Keeling, “From our perspective, these three victories in Sacramento, San Joaquin and Contra Costa demonstrate that Delta landowners can win battles against the State and that despite its . . . tough-talk, the State is not above the law.”

To see the arguments in the Tentative Ruling, click here and go to Item 13.

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  • Mark Rockwell
    October 16, 2012, 6:27 pm

    It is important that landowners step forward to block the state from its effort to ram-rod this project through. Delta landowners have not had a voice in the process, are not included in the decision making and are at great risk of loss if this project is completed. The state wants everyone, including Delta landowners to trust them, and they will protect everyone’s interests and rights. Sure, and I have a bridge in Arizona to sell you too!