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Moving ahead with drilling for data

Last week (August 6) DWR began overwater drilling in the Delta “to collect data for proposed water conveyance alternatives associated with BDCP.” Work continues through October. DWR needs these geotechnical investigations to support the environmental documents for the BDCP. Does this mean we shouldn’t expect to see the BDCP EIR before October?

Click here for FAQs from BDCP on the geotechnical investigations.

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  • Patti Williams
    August 22, 2012, 4:53 am

    The Mississippi River is so low barges have 9 ft. of water and traffic is backed up. Thought you could use this as an example if so much water is taken out of the delta by the tunnels that it is sucked dry.
    The San Francisco Save the Bay people should be a part of Restoring the Delta.