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Brown legacy, green disaster

In his State of the State address, Governor Brown confirmed this week what we all knew anyway: Conveyance in the Delta is a priority for him.

He went on to repeat the canard about how the BDCP project “will ensure water for 25 million Californians and for millions of acres of farmland as well as a hundred thousand acres of new habitat for spawning fish and other wildlife.”

Ensure water for 25 million Californians to do what? Flush their toilets? Water their lawns? Grow more permanent crops or housing developments in the desert? We don’t want anyone to go thirsty. But the issue here is not thirst. It is the preservation of water-wasting lifestyles that California can’t sustain.

And by the way, Governor, how many thousands of acres of Delta farmland are you prepared to take out of production to create new habitat for which there won’t be enough water for anyway? After all a new pipe will not make more water for the system.

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