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Articles of Interest from Restore the Delta

Below are some articles of interest from Restore the Delta

Salazar & Jerry Brown issue statement today in further response to outcry over the MOA

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CV Business Times immediately gets a less-than-positive comment on the statement from Jerry McNerney

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just passed Fed budget bill has some sneaky provisions including one facilitating transfers within the CVP (Yogi is back with deja vu)

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12/14 letter from departments of Food & Ag and Business, Transportation & Housing damning the Delta Protection Commission’s Economic Sustainability Plan with very little faint praise

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Central Valley Business Times provides two brief, timely videos:

1) an unfortunately audio challenged exchange between Stockton eminent domain lawyer Hartmann and Jerry Meral at last week’s BDCP meeting

2) an interview with UOP Business Professor Jeff Michael about the cost and financing of a Chunnel

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