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What’s in a name?

We are indebted for today’s opening quote to the website for The Dolphin Group. This is not an organization committed to looking out for the welfare of dolphins or other aquatic creatures.   It is a 30+ year-old political consulting firm with offices in Los Angeles and Sacramento. The Dolphin Group specializes “in helping clients identify challenges and opportunities, anticipate and navigate potential problems and to fulfill and leverage public affairs objectives.”

Dolphin Group President Michael Boccadoro is also listed as a spokesman for the Coalition for a Sustainable Delta on a press release earlier this year. The occasion was then-Judge Oliver Wanger’s approval of a settlement agreement in a case filed by the Coalition against the California Department of Fish and Game. The subject was striped bass predation on salmon.

Our readers may recall that the Coalition for a Sustainable Delta is trying to make the case that striped bass predation, not excessive Delta water exports, is responsible for declining salmon populations.   They want to sustain the Delta as an ongoing source of water and more water for export for large corporate agribusiness in the Central Valley, and new development in the desert -all at the expense of Delta communities.

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