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Gremlins at the BDCP?

We were going to include a link to the webcast of the September 27 BDCP meeting so that you could listen to Sunding yourself (at about the 1 hour, 30 minute mark), as well as Restore the Delta’s Brett Baker in an interesting exchange with Jerry Meral (at about 3 hours, 46 minutes).

However, getting to the webcast requires you to navigate a series of screens asking you to register and choose media. If you would like to go through all that, you can find the link for the webcast at http://baydeltaconservationplan.com/News/News.aspx

Not exactly easy public access, is it?

While you are at the BDCP website, take a look at the calendar for October.  Last time we checked, the dates didn’t line up correctly with the days of the week.

And we still can’t get a time and place for the upcoming (take a deep breath here) Independent Review of the Draft Bay Delta Conservation Plan Effects Analysis Conceptual Foundation and Analytical?Framework and Technical Appendices.  This is scheduled for August 25th and 26th, but the Delta Stewardship Council folks can’t tell us where or when because the BDCP folks aren’t telling them.

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