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DWR affronts

Last week we reported on some of the interactions between Delta landowners and the Department of Water Resources as it tries to collect the geotechnical data needed for preliminary engineering studies for a tunnel.

DWR has been somewhat insensitive, to put the matter kindly.

We’ve heard from another Delta landowner. She reports that she and her husband were summoned to their gate at 9 p.m. Monday evening by a car with horn honking and hazard lights flashing. They thought someone needed help and went to aid the driver, but the driver was actually a less-than-articulate employee of a company hired by the State of California to serve them with papers relating to permitting entry and investigation rights on their property.

She says, “Aside from the more serious issues at hand, this is an example of the kind of disrespectful intrusion that I resent.”

Restore the Delta wonders if Secretary John Laird and Under Secretary Jerry Meral of the Resources Agency consider these tactics a part of the open and transparent communication process with Delta landowners that they tout when giving updates to Congressional Representatives and the media regarding the Bay Delta Conservation Plan.

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