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Hollywood Stars Come Together Against Proposition 18

SACRAMENTO – The No on 18 Campaign today announced its release of a public service announcement against Proposition 18, the $11.14 billion pork-laden water bond that remains on this November’s ballot.

The PSA features such actors as David DeLuise, from “Wizards of Waverly Place” and son of Dom DeLuise; Justine Bateman, from “Family Ties,” “Californication” and “Desperate Housewives;” Kelly Williams, from “Lie to Me,” “The Practice” and “Scrubs”; Anna Belknap, from “CSI: NY.”

The 60-second spot points out the bond will cost Californians $22 billion over the next 30 years in addition to the attempt by the legislators to postpone the measure until 2012. It also calls on voters to contact their local legislator and demand they scrap the bond altogether and start working on real solutions that truly address the water needs of the State.

“We support keeping water publicly owned, pure, accessible and drinkable, straight from the tap,” said John Lehr, one of the creators. “Proposition 18 is a massive waste of money and won’t help California’s future water needs.”

Lehr, creator of the improvisational comedy series “10 Items or Less,” joined forces with Nancy Hower to craft this video. The duo has collaborated on numerous video projects and is currently producing a pilot for Comedy Central.

Despite what many are saying, the water bond has yet to be either postponed or repealed.

“Legislators have talked about postponing this ridiculous bond until 2012, hoping voters will forget the measure came together during back-room deals adding billions of dollars of pork projects and that it does very little to solve California’s water needs,” said Elanor Starmer, Food & Water Watch.

“The state is staring down the barrel at an already outrageous deficit. Taking on an additional $22 billion would be irresponsible and we can’t afford it; not now, not ever,” Starmer continued.

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