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“You won’t even know we’re there”

This week a Courtland landowner caught a couple of trespassers in a pick-up full of BDCP maps. After the landowner pressed for identification, one of the trespassers provided a card listing AECOM as his employer.

According to its website, AECOM “is a global provider of professional technical and management support services to a broad range of markets, including transportation, facilities, environmental, energy, water and government.”

Their vision: “to make the world a better place.”

We guess that’s why the trespasser was a bit flip in his answers to the landowner, as the landowner was interfering with the trespasser’s quest to make the Delta “a better place.”

Watch for AECOM employees at a potential conveyance alignment or intake area near you.

Watch them disregard the “No trespassing, hunting, or fishing” signs posted by state and federal agencies.

The law was not upheld when it when it was time to protect Delta fisheries from excessive pumping. Now, we will see how the powers that be will attempt to abuse the law in order to bypass Delta farmers’ property rights.

Other information found on the AECOM website was even more alarming. Check the What We Do tab on the AECOM website. Click on Water, and see the press release, “AECOM is design engineer for the first curved micro-tunnel in the U.S.” The project was for 4,000 feet of 72-inch relief sewer in downtown Hartford, Connecticut. There was “minimal disruption to the site.”

A curved tunnel with minimal site disruption would solve part of the conveyance problem, but not the part about tinkering with the already-stressed hydrology of the Delta, or respecting the rights of legacy Delta farmers.

Click Here to view the “What We Do” page on AECOM’s website.

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