Silicon Valley: Final opportunity to comment before the vote!

By rejecting California WaterFix, the Westlands Water District has dealt a blow to the project. Metropolitan Water District’s math is based on a sizable contribution from Westlands, so is Santa Clara Valley Water District’s. They now have to come up with a lot more money for the Delta Tunnels. It won’t pencil out for them either.   Please join us on the evening of September 26th for the final opportunity to comment on the Delta Tunnels project before the vote at Santa Clara Valley Water District.   The Board and staff needs to be asked, “Why isn’t Santa Clara Valley Water District aligned with the rest of the Bay Area and Northern California in regards to the Delta Tunnels?” And [...]

Tour: The Road Map to Stopping the Delta Tunnels

Join us for a public meetings with supporters throughout the State! These public meetings are great for people of all knowledge levels on the Delta Tunnels project — new and long-time current supporters. Get updates on where we are on the road map to stop the tunnels and what needs to be done to stop this project once and all for 2017-2018.

Stop The Tunnels: One of the Most Important Actions for 2017

Update: Thanks to your help we reached 4,235 signatures in 19 days. Of these signatures, about 5% of these were out of state and the other 4,000 signatures represented a vast amount of Californian counties, from north towards Oregon and south towards San Diego. We recognize that our work would not be possible without contributions from people like you. Can you make a mid-year donation to keep us strong through the end of the year?.   Dear Supporters,   The hardest part of our job is encouraging you, our members, to respond to government processes that induce weariness in even the hardiest public policy geeks in California. But that is what the Brown Administration, Metropolitan Water District, Kern County Water [...]

April 22 + 29: March for Science and the Climate in Stockton & Oakland

Restore the Delta will be at the march and rally for the March For Science in Stockton and People's Climate Movement in Oakland to represent the Bay-Delta and raise awareness about our cause! Will you join us?   Why Participate? Climate Change is a major threat to the Bay-Delta. We are still managing our water systems for the 20th-century climate and continuing to export too much water from the San Francisco Bay-Delta. The current system is designed for the stable climate of the past. But that era is now over. Spending $17 billion on the Delta Tunnels is a terrible waste of public investment money and will exacerbate the issues caused by our changing climate. We need to make this [...]

Book Tour 2017 Schedule: Drought, Water Law & The Origins of the CVP

Our policy analyst and new author Tim Stroshane will be touring the state to read from his new book “Drought, Water Law, and the Origins of California’s Central Valley Project.”   Book Tour Schedule: Stockton Sacramento Berkeley: Wednesday night, March 29 from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm @ Pegasus Books Downtown, 2349 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, California 94704 - No RSVP required. Davis: Friday night, April 21 starting 7:30 pm @ The Avid Reader, 617 2nd St. Davis, CA 95616 Details at Facebook event (optional RSVP). More location and dates coming soon!    Books will be available for purchase at each event. If you would like to purchase the book beforehand, you can purchase via Amazon or directly from the publisher. [...]

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